Saturday, August 13, 2011

My juicing experience

Last Sunday I watched “fat, sick and nearly dead” where the guy only drank juice for 60 days, and he lost a great amount of weight, but what catch my attention was the amount of energy that he had!
So, coming into my biggest week on training (tomorrow I finish 30.000 yards of swim/250 miles bike and 50 miles run) I needed more energy, and I decided to test it out!
 Because my diet is very clean I didn’t have to worry about the detox period, so this is what I did:
-Morning my vega health optimizer shake as usual (since I am in training didn’t want to risk)
- Snack was a fruit juice;
- Lunch veggie juice lots of green with a little bit of fruit;
- Snack fruit juice;
- Dinner veggie juice with beats;
- I kept taking my vega sport protein after my workouts with Zico coconut water to don’t compromise my recovery;
The result was amazing! I had lots of energy, slept really well, and my results in training were a lot better on my hardest week of my coming up Ironman training, and I lost a little bit of body fat too!  
 I have the Ironman Louisville in 2 weeks, my nutrition is definitely going to help me out!!:)