Thursday, January 31, 2013

Body Lab

   I am always doing experiments with my body, I love it and I treat my body like my personal lab, and that is pretty much how I study and learn. I love testing my body, mind and soul.
   So, this time I did a new experiment witch I think some people will like and some will not. Last year, on the last 6 months pretty much, my diet was 90% fruits and salad at night. I had energy and felt great, but I wanted to see if fruits only (fruitarian) was good for me. With all my testing I can honestly say that a vegan and raw diet is the best way, but all fruit would be the best way? So I started studying, and since I live near Hippocrates Health Institute, and they are not a big fans of fruits (as far as I know), I decided to do 2 weeks with no fruit (lets say no sugar cause I still ate avocados)!
   I must say, I am pretty impress with the results. As an endurance athlete I always have in mind to use fat as fuel even in high intensity and you can train your body to do that, therefor this experiment works well for me. Also when I did my Irisdology consult with Jennifer ( ) she told me I was sensitive to sugar.Is not that I would eat more fat, or cut carbohydrates, is just that I would choose slow release carbohydrates instead of simple sugars from fruits.
   First few days were hard, but after that my energy levels went sky high and it was sustain energy. I slept better, lost a few pounds probably 1% less body fat. My workouts started to have amazing results. A lot of mucus came out, and I felt that my digestive system were working better as well. I was shock with how good I felt, and best of all, I was eating a lot less food. I think the biggest results were on the spiritual level, I felt more connected, hard to explain, but it felt that way!
   What I am trying to say is that you have always to test what it works for you. Also, a big variety in your diet is key for your health, as long as raw and vegan (try to eat something new every week). I will not cut fruits from my diet but I will eat less. Fruits have good source of nutrients that is why I will still eat fruits.
   Also by doing this experiment made me start doing my own sprouts and I must say it is a great. I love doing and it is a great spiritual experiment. Also helped me create a new gel made from sprouts. A slow release carbohydrate.
   My diet on those 2 weeks were simple:
   Morning: Wheatgrass shot sometimes some chia seeds mixed with water before working out.
   Lunch: Huge salad with lots of sprouts
   Dinner: Sprouts and or avocados ( yeah its a fruit but low in sugar)
   After workouts: Garden of life raw protein mixed with coconut milk, almond milk or hemp milk (all homemade of course). ( )
   After this experiment I found a video very interesting what he says about fasting, sugar, raw foods, etc.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Food and Emotions

Its funny, after I changed my diet to raw I started to find myself calmer and more connected. Now that its been 2 years, the connection its even stronger. I noticed, specially on my regainer program (  that the people who changed their diet, their mood changed within a week.
The other day talking to my friends about all my experiences I realized something: Dead foods brings out dead emotions, such as anger and fear. On the other hand living foods give you good emotions such happiness and joy.
Everything has a frequency including food so feeding your body with dead foods will help you grow bad emotions and those "bad emotions" or bad vibes increases your chance of getting a disease. Therefor living foods brings living emotions or good vibes witch leads to health.
So think about it what kind of frequency you want in your body? Do you want a healthy body full of positive energy or not? Do you love yourself enough or not? Food is love, and the easiest way to start loving yourself more is to eat more living foods!

Sprouts are the best living foods that you can ever have, you can actually make your own sprouts, its easy, fun and there is no better pleasure than eating the food you grown.

Feel Good and Go Raw!

Friday, January 18, 2013


I think most of you have seem the picture of the McDonalds happy meal after a few days out of the fridge, and how did not change at all, if not here it is:

So inspired by that I grabbed a commercial energy bar and a commercial energy blocks. Both we made to be used pre or during exercises. I open them 12/21/12. Here is the picture:
And 3 weeks later:
It looks the same! Crazy! No mold, no fly, and no ants, nothing changed... real food? I believe not! I wonder how many days it will last! I did some youtube videos about that too. Check it out!

Feel Good, go Raw,

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Doping? No thanks, I choose LOVE

   I have been away from my blog quite awhile, this year I plan to be more consistent specially on showing my diet to everyone, because I know that is most of the curiosity come from.
Anyways, today I will express my opinion on doping (cheating) since everyone is talking about Lance. I am not here to point fingers or anything is just MY personal opinion and I need to get out of my chest.

   Well, first I want to explain a little. 2010 was a great year for me on triathlon. I set a few PR's I changed my diet 180 degrees, and I got healthier. 2011 and 2012 season were great but hard seasons, but with a lot of mental challenge and changes, specially on the spiritual level.
   My first question on doping, is what is the difference from doping and drafting? Both are cheating, so there is no difference. The reason I say that is because on Ironman Brasil 2011 I was one thing that marked me as a triathlete. On that race I saw the triathlete that I was a huge fan and one of my biggest inspiration to start doing ironmans drafting. She is a female pro that pass me drafting from a man on a non draft legal race. My world went down. I saw many times, many athletes from 1st places to age groupers drafting in all races. Honestly isn't that cheating as well?
   Second, I know many athletes pro and age groupers that take PED, nutritionist that suggest to them to take and etc.Also, taking PED is easy. If you look at some ingredients at a few supplements sold in local vitamin shops they might contain PED. Just look it up and you will see.
   Third, look at our society. Honestly, look deep into to it. Look to some companies that might lie about an ingredient just to make 10% more profit, or might lower the content of something to make an extra dollar. Or your coworker that might lie about you just to get that promotion. Isn't all that cheating? 
    People might ask: and you are perfect? No I am not.I did plenty mistakes in all my life, but I was always true to myself. I have a clean nutrition because it is my choice. I don't draft in races because is my choice. I avoid buying from corporations that lie (or do something I don't like) because is my choice. Bottom line is, I CHOOSE to LOVE myself. All those choices are loving choices. Because in the end of the day I can lay down in bed and sleep in peace.
   The message I try to bring with all this is simple: "Chase happiness" there is nothing better than laying down in your bed knowing that you are doing your best with nothing to hide to anyone.
   So if you are tired of the way we are living, because for me the Lance Armstrong story is just a reflection of our society, change. Like Ghandi said " Be the change you want to see in the world". Live a life of true unconditional LOVE. It is possible. Just be yourself, love yourself and be true to yourself because in the end of the day you will sleep with inner peace!!!
Feel Good, go Raw and love yourself,