Thursday, January 17, 2013

Doping? No thanks, I choose LOVE

   I have been away from my blog quite awhile, this year I plan to be more consistent specially on showing my diet to everyone, because I know that is most of the curiosity come from.
Anyways, today I will express my opinion on doping (cheating) since everyone is talking about Lance. I am not here to point fingers or anything is just MY personal opinion and I need to get out of my chest.

   Well, first I want to explain a little. 2010 was a great year for me on triathlon. I set a few PR's I changed my diet 180 degrees, and I got healthier. 2011 and 2012 season were great but hard seasons, but with a lot of mental challenge and changes, specially on the spiritual level.
   My first question on doping, is what is the difference from doping and drafting? Both are cheating, so there is no difference. The reason I say that is because on Ironman Brasil 2011 I was one thing that marked me as a triathlete. On that race I saw the triathlete that I was a huge fan and one of my biggest inspiration to start doing ironmans drafting. She is a female pro that pass me drafting from a man on a non draft legal race. My world went down. I saw many times, many athletes from 1st places to age groupers drafting in all races. Honestly isn't that cheating as well?
   Second, I know many athletes pro and age groupers that take PED, nutritionist that suggest to them to take and etc.Also, taking PED is easy. If you look at some ingredients at a few supplements sold in local vitamin shops they might contain PED. Just look it up and you will see.
   Third, look at our society. Honestly, look deep into to it. Look to some companies that might lie about an ingredient just to make 10% more profit, or might lower the content of something to make an extra dollar. Or your coworker that might lie about you just to get that promotion. Isn't all that cheating? 
    People might ask: and you are perfect? No I am not.I did plenty mistakes in all my life, but I was always true to myself. I have a clean nutrition because it is my choice. I don't draft in races because is my choice. I avoid buying from corporations that lie (or do something I don't like) because is my choice. Bottom line is, I CHOOSE to LOVE myself. All those choices are loving choices. Because in the end of the day I can lay down in bed and sleep in peace.
   The message I try to bring with all this is simple: "Chase happiness" there is nothing better than laying down in your bed knowing that you are doing your best with nothing to hide to anyone.
   So if you are tired of the way we are living, because for me the Lance Armstrong story is just a reflection of our society, change. Like Ghandi said " Be the change you want to see in the world". Live a life of true unconditional LOVE. It is possible. Just be yourself, love yourself and be true to yourself because in the end of the day you will sleep with inner peace!!!
Feel Good, go Raw and love yourself,

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