Monday, June 18, 2012

Ultra Desires

Everything happens for a reason.... After my fall before Ironman Texas, I restarted to think in a lot of things, that brought me old memories, new thoughts etc. When I first started on triathlons, my desire was Ironman, until on my second year I learned about the Ultraman and that came to my mind, with more I learned and read about endurance sports the more fascinated I was but I kind of forgot about ultras.....I did 2 ragnar relay races without much training, and in both of them I ran 30+ miles (I had to cover some people), I felt pretty good and I ran pretty well.  
When I read the "Ultra Marathon Man" I really thought about doing ultras, but I never did. It was something on the back of my mind, and all came back after the fall, sometimes what you think is bad is actually good!
I love ironmans,I will still race them and I will still race pro, but I took a decision to spicy up training and racing. After Ironman Texas I almost sign up for Ultraman Canada, but I thought was too soon to build up that much mileage in all 3 sports until august, so instead I sign up for a 50 miler Trail Run. I must say I am pretty excited to do that, and in 2013 I am really thinking about the Ultraman, and of course a few ironmans :)

If you want to know how ultra marathon will turned out, also how training will go and nutrition (Raw) stay tuned.

Feel Good and Go Raw!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I did not update my blog for a long time, there is many reasons for that....
I went to ironman Texas and the day before my race, as I was testing the bike and going to drop of the bike on transition I felt and I hurt my right shoulder. I tried to race and 25 min into the swim I just could not take the pain and I decided that was better for my health to stop. After that I went to boston to the fivefingers meeting and it was pretty cool, I got to know Boston, the new fivefingers products and learned a lot. I also got a chance to see the Vibram store in Boston, very cool.
Since my accident I have not been training much, because I wanted to concentrate all my energy in my healing. I am actually grateful for the accident because I am learning a lot from it. There is always a good side of it.
What I wanted to say today about my healing is something that I used before and forgot until 2 days ago. I found Clay(Argila in portuguese), and I remember that I was thought that clay is the same PH as the body and when you pass on your body  the clay dries it sucks all the toxins (or whatever is bad) from the body. The incredible part is that if something is wrong like an injury the clay takes longer to dry. So the part of my shoulder that was hurting it took longer to dry. As you can see in the picture.

I did that 3 times yesterday plus heat and ice witch I was doing already, and today shoulder was 80% better. It is pretty amazing what nature can do it! We have all the medicine we need in nature and in our mind! We just need to be open and aware to it!
As part of my healing I am eating lots of sprouts, trace minerals, and turmeric root. And of course a lot of meditation and love!

Feel good, and GO RAW!