Monday, June 18, 2012

Ultra Desires

Everything happens for a reason.... After my fall before Ironman Texas, I restarted to think in a lot of things, that brought me old memories, new thoughts etc. When I first started on triathlons, my desire was Ironman, until on my second year I learned about the Ultraman and that came to my mind, with more I learned and read about endurance sports the more fascinated I was but I kind of forgot about ultras.....I did 2 ragnar relay races without much training, and in both of them I ran 30+ miles (I had to cover some people), I felt pretty good and I ran pretty well.  
When I read the "Ultra Marathon Man" I really thought about doing ultras, but I never did. It was something on the back of my mind, and all came back after the fall, sometimes what you think is bad is actually good!
I love ironmans,I will still race them and I will still race pro, but I took a decision to spicy up training and racing. After Ironman Texas I almost sign up for Ultraman Canada, but I thought was too soon to build up that much mileage in all 3 sports until august, so instead I sign up for a 50 miler Trail Run. I must say I am pretty excited to do that, and in 2013 I am really thinking about the Ultraman, and of course a few ironmans :)

If you want to know how ultra marathon will turned out, also how training will go and nutrition (Raw) stay tuned.

Feel Good and Go Raw!

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