Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day #8

First I like to say that I'm really grateful to have this experience, because the changes physically and mentally are amazing!!
Morning enema came out lots of stuff, even not eating for a day! Also today I had no bad cravings, the only craving that I had was for fresh fruits :))
Also after coaching my guys I got in the pool, and the result was fantastic! The reason I say that have nothing to do with performance but have to do with feeling! Let me explain, swim is my weakness in all of the 3 sports, the one that I like least to train, and I usually get bored with 500m, if is open water I love, but pool indoors, I usually get bored. So I jump in and started swim, my concentration was amazing, didn't get bored, I wanted to swim more and more non stop, that never happened before! I only stopped swimming because the workout was done and I didn't wanted to over do, specially detoxing! Amazing!
The rest of the day I had lots of energy, little headache but lots and lots of energy! Also, that made me think: food is emotional! Yesterday I didn't eat anything and today I had more energy than the day before. Conclusion, we over eat! A lot!
On another note, my feeling change and thoughts too, for example: I am feeling extra good, with really positive thoughts, feels like I have no space for negative thoughts, and this is really good. I do believe a lot on "the secret" so having no space for negative thoughts this for me is extremily good. Sometimes feels like I am having a spiritual experience.... I am not religious, but I love Buddhism and I read a lot about it, and with this detox I am feeling like my body is completely connected with my mind, and I feel in harmony! Is really hard to
The changes that I see happening with my wife is insane! Each day she is feeling better and better, and she had a harder time than me in the begging. Her change is amazing! I honestly, suggest everyone to one day have this experience.... This is day #8 that means lot more good stuff will happen!

Juices of the day:
beats, celery, collard greens, apple, and cucumber
Green, red and yellow peppers, cuccumber, kale, apple and celery.
Collard greens, apple, cucumber and green peppers.

Feel good,

Monday, January 30, 2012

Day #7

Today was the best day so far! I am starting to feel the bennefits of the detox, and is amazing!
So, today started pretty good, did one enema in the am, and one in the pm around 530 pm. The entire day I had just juice, herbs, and the shakes. I had a little headaches but not much, also craving were a little different, I still had some, but my cravings most of the time was for whole fresh foods! Amazing!
Today I felt lots of energy, and I started noticing some little stuff, like for me my eyes look like they have more color, my concentration is better, I am less worried and less anxious. Who knows me think I'm already like that, my wife call me Buddha sometimes, so yes I am even more relaxed than I used to be.
At night ( just now) I went to publix (where shopping is not a pleasure for me) to buy distilled water and I walked all the isles and I didn't have any cravings, but when I went to the fruit and veggies section I craved for some fruits... Is funny the body reaction and the changed. Yesterday I craved for fatty foods and today I was craving for juicy fruits and veggies :)))). I said that at publix shopping is not a pleasure because have no raw section, and the organic section is way too small ( at least the one I went).
Also I checked my body fat % and dropped already, in the end of the 14 days I will do a full before and after numbers etc.
So here are my juices for today:
Kale, turnips, apple, yellow and red peppers and a little of Ginger
Plumbs, Ginger, kale, collard greens, radish and turnips
Grapes, celery, carrots, and kale
Pineapple, kale and collard greens.

I added water as well but just because of my detox because I am deluding the sugar of the fruits so it doesn't slow down the detox. If I was not detoxing I would not add the water!
My experience today was out of this world, since the time I woke up I am feeling fresh with full energy! Also I had a really good night of sleep!
The goal is health but I am looking forward on how this detox will affect my performance training and racing!
Feel good,

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day #6

The day today was much better, less headaches, still some but less, and since I slept more felt that I had more energy! Still had some craving!
I started the day with one enema, and that made me feel good right away! The day went normal, and since is Sunday I watch some movies with my wife :) that helped the body detox I guess cause I rested a lot!
I did another enema in the pm, and for my surprise I few plaques came out already, and I must say is a big relief in the body, omg you can feel it right away! Is amazing!!!!!
My experience so far has been amazing, and honestly everybody should do a detox like that, after a plaque came out, the feeling was so good that I have no words!
2 things I notice, my weight dropped already, and today before I got in the shower while the water was running, and the water was hot, I started to sweat. My feeling was that I was sweating fat, honestly felt that my body was putting out fat, crazy! I dont know if is possible but felt like it!
Tomorrow I think I am ready for the master phase, so that means no more meals only juices, shakes and herbs. It will be challenging but I know more plaques will come out and I will feel much better!
Oh I forgot, at night working on the computer, sending out the workouts for the week for all my athletes, today was the day that I finished faster than ever! I was so concentraded! My mind was clear and focus like never before! I can see some bennefits already! Looking forward to the rest of the detox!
Feel good,

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day #5

Today was another day of expo, so it was busy! I am very happy to sell fivefingers, because the same way we eat wrong we run wrong too, but that is a whole another story....
Any way the day started good, did an enema in the am, and felt better, but I was very fatigue today! Lots of headaches and during the night was the first time I woke up to go to the bathroom twice!
To be honest, I was so busy at the expo that I did not had time to check how I am feeling lol...I was able to keep the routine with hearbs and shakes, but that's it!
One thing is for sure, cravings are getting worst! Lots of cravings specially fat craving! I even crave pizza something that I don't eat in a very long time! Crazy! And I had lots of headaches during the day....
Is funny because before I start this cleanse I thought should be easy for me, since I have been raw and vegan for awhile now, and I am an athlete! But I was wrong! My body have lots of toxins coming out! Weight wise I didn't see a difference in the scale yet, but is my imagine I am looking a lot thinner and a few people commented already....
All I can honestly say today is that my cravings for fatty and comfy foods was really hard today! I almost decided to eat everything I wanted! Funny is that even some raw foods can be really fatting is they have lots of nuts, of any type of cold press oils, but I was strong today! Almost made me doubt about the entire 14 days, now I am better mentally and ready to keep up and looking forward to have a whole new mind and body, healthier and stronger!
Feel good,

Friday, January 27, 2012

Day #4

Today I woke up and did one enema, and that made me feel better right away! After I had my shake, put my new fivefingers on,the seeya (soon in store) and had one of my best runs! Felt that the energy was uncontrollable!!!! Felt super strong and effortless! After I organize all my stuff, shakes, herbs, lunch, water, and went to Miami marathon expo with fivefingers! Worked all day, energy was up and down, a few headaches here and there. After expo was done and I hit the road, 10 min into the drive, lots of cravings!!! And more headaches! Got home and had dinner ( juice this time, no more meals for dinner).
Right after dinner I felt good, but probably 20 min later I had a little headaches! Funny thing is the less I eat the more I go to the bathroom (#1 and #2 sorry but is true).
Also one thing I realize, I have been sleeping really good and deep, waking up extremely rested :). Also today I realized something: since I took fluoride out of my tooth paste my teeth gotten whiter and in 4 days into cleanse ( since we use distiled water for cleanse with no fluoride) my teeth is even whiter, can you believe? I read a lot about fluoride been bad, but didn't realize how bad it is!!!
Is funny how the body reacts, my symptoms are different than my wife's symptoms.... I am really glad that I am having those symptoms because that means that the body is putting everything out :))))
Looking forward for tomorrow, another day with one meal and another day at expo! Can't wait to be all clean :)))
Feel good,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day #3

Well today the day was a little challenging...I felt a little hungry, and fatigue. I also had some detox symptoms like headache.... Energy was kinda up and down, but at the end of the day I started to feel much better, but today I said goodbye to dinner since tomorrow I start only 1 meal a day for probably 4 days and than I go to only juice!
A positive thing about today is that my mind is very clear and I feel like I already lost a few pounds, but feel like I lost some body fat...weight is not my goal in these detox the goal is the health but will be good to lose some body fat :)
I am really looking forward to the more challenging phase even knowing that will be harder, specially because I felt a little craving for fat today!
Let's see how tomorrow goes :)
Feel good,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2nd Day

Today I am still feeling good! My run was unreal, felt extremely strong and I ran before lunch, that means I only had a juice and a shake and the herbs.
What is surprising me more is the energy level and how my mind is clear.....is easier to think, concentrate and train, I know I will have a down size soon or later, but so far is really good!
The only bad side today was that I felt a little hungry, other than that all good and no cravings so far! I am really looking forward for the following days :) 12 days to go!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cleanse day 1

First I gonna talk a little bit about my point of view. My big thing is that we don't eat the way we were design. For example the body don't digest processed foods neither chemicals, and those toxins can be stuck in our body for a long period of time or even forever. So I decide to be all raw and vegan, and is not only because of performance but because I feel better and healthier, is that simple. Why raw? I choose raw because is easier to the body assimilate the nutrients faster and better and I can get the full benefits from that food, cooked foods destroy all the enzimes, so that's why I choose raw. Why vegan? There are many reasons that I choose vegan such as: my love for animals, environmental, and health. Main reason here is health! Animal products make your body acid and a acid body leads to illness. So to avoid that I am vegan. Now if the body were desing to eat meat or not I don't know, but what I do know is that plant proteins are easier assimilate to the body, plants make your body alkaline, and if we were desing to eat meat for sure we were not desing to eat meat 3 to 2 times a day like most people do, neither we were suppose to eat meat full of hormones and antibiotic. As far as I know hunting probably was not an easy task, so when we did hunt we were probably eating meat every 4 to 6 weeks ( I'm guessing) and the meat was wild ( free from hormones and antibiotics). That is why I'm vegan and raw :)

So after talking to Jennifer ( www.healthybliss.net ) She suggest to do a cleanse, I did 2 in brazil but different from this one. I got super excited to do this before the triathlon season starts so I can have a brand new body :) for the season! Since I was over weight for a long time in my life ( 100 pounds over, got to 260 pounds at one point) I think this cleanse will be a great thing for me!

So today was the first day, and is going to be 14 days, and I have to slowly decrease the ammout of food intake, until the last 7 days is just juicing. So today was the shakes and hearbal mixes and 2 meals ( raw and vegan of course) the hard part is that is no fat on the diet, crazy!!! 14 days with no fat pretty much! I didn't feel hungry at all, specially because those shakes have lots of fibers, and also because I did juicing fast before, should be a little easier. Let's see, but today I did feel good!

My wife started doing with me, don't known if she wants to report her days, but I am planing on reporting every day my feelings here and I hope you all enjoy as much as I do!
Feel good!