Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cleanse day 1

First I gonna talk a little bit about my point of view. My big thing is that we don't eat the way we were design. For example the body don't digest processed foods neither chemicals, and those toxins can be stuck in our body for a long period of time or even forever. So I decide to be all raw and vegan, and is not only because of performance but because I feel better and healthier, is that simple. Why raw? I choose raw because is easier to the body assimilate the nutrients faster and better and I can get the full benefits from that food, cooked foods destroy all the enzimes, so that's why I choose raw. Why vegan? There are many reasons that I choose vegan such as: my love for animals, environmental, and health. Main reason here is health! Animal products make your body acid and a acid body leads to illness. So to avoid that I am vegan. Now if the body were desing to eat meat or not I don't know, but what I do know is that plant proteins are easier assimilate to the body, plants make your body alkaline, and if we were desing to eat meat for sure we were not desing to eat meat 3 to 2 times a day like most people do, neither we were suppose to eat meat full of hormones and antibiotic. As far as I know hunting probably was not an easy task, so when we did hunt we were probably eating meat every 4 to 6 weeks ( I'm guessing) and the meat was wild ( free from hormones and antibiotics). That is why I'm vegan and raw :)

So after talking to Jennifer ( www.healthybliss.net ) She suggest to do a cleanse, I did 2 in brazil but different from this one. I got super excited to do this before the triathlon season starts so I can have a brand new body :) for the season! Since I was over weight for a long time in my life ( 100 pounds over, got to 260 pounds at one point) I think this cleanse will be a great thing for me!

So today was the first day, and is going to be 14 days, and I have to slowly decrease the ammout of food intake, until the last 7 days is just juicing. So today was the shakes and hearbal mixes and 2 meals ( raw and vegan of course) the hard part is that is no fat on the diet, crazy!!! 14 days with no fat pretty much! I didn't feel hungry at all, specially because those shakes have lots of fibers, and also because I did juicing fast before, should be a little easier. Let's see, but today I did feel good!

My wife started doing with me, don't known if she wants to report her days, but I am planing on reporting every day my feelings here and I hope you all enjoy as much as I do!
Feel good!

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