Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day #5

Today was another day of expo, so it was busy! I am very happy to sell fivefingers, because the same way we eat wrong we run wrong too, but that is a whole another story....
Any way the day started good, did an enema in the am, and felt better, but I was very fatigue today! Lots of headaches and during the night was the first time I woke up to go to the bathroom twice!
To be honest, I was so busy at the expo that I did not had time to check how I am feeling lol...I was able to keep the routine with hearbs and shakes, but that's it!
One thing is for sure, cravings are getting worst! Lots of cravings specially fat craving! I even crave pizza something that I don't eat in a very long time! Crazy! And I had lots of headaches during the day....
Is funny because before I start this cleanse I thought should be easy for me, since I have been raw and vegan for awhile now, and I am an athlete! But I was wrong! My body have lots of toxins coming out! Weight wise I didn't see a difference in the scale yet, but is my imagine I am looking a lot thinner and a few people commented already....
All I can honestly say today is that my cravings for fatty and comfy foods was really hard today! I almost decided to eat everything I wanted! Funny is that even some raw foods can be really fatting is they have lots of nuts, of any type of cold press oils, but I was strong today! Almost made me doubt about the entire 14 days, now I am better mentally and ready to keep up and looking forward to have a whole new mind and body, healthier and stronger!
Feel good,

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