Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day #8

First I like to say that I'm really grateful to have this experience, because the changes physically and mentally are amazing!!
Morning enema came out lots of stuff, even not eating for a day! Also today I had no bad cravings, the only craving that I had was for fresh fruits :))
Also after coaching my guys I got in the pool, and the result was fantastic! The reason I say that have nothing to do with performance but have to do with feeling! Let me explain, swim is my weakness in all of the 3 sports, the one that I like least to train, and I usually get bored with 500m, if is open water I love, but pool indoors, I usually get bored. So I jump in and started swim, my concentration was amazing, didn't get bored, I wanted to swim more and more non stop, that never happened before! I only stopped swimming because the workout was done and I didn't wanted to over do, specially detoxing! Amazing!
The rest of the day I had lots of energy, little headache but lots and lots of energy! Also, that made me think: food is emotional! Yesterday I didn't eat anything and today I had more energy than the day before. Conclusion, we over eat! A lot!
On another note, my feeling change and thoughts too, for example: I am feeling extra good, with really positive thoughts, feels like I have no space for negative thoughts, and this is really good. I do believe a lot on "the secret" so having no space for negative thoughts this for me is extremily good. Sometimes feels like I am having a spiritual experience.... I am not religious, but I love Buddhism and I read a lot about it, and with this detox I am feeling like my body is completely connected with my mind, and I feel in harmony! Is really hard to
The changes that I see happening with my wife is insane! Each day she is feeling better and better, and she had a harder time than me in the begging. Her change is amazing! I honestly, suggest everyone to one day have this experience.... This is day #8 that means lot more good stuff will happen!

Juices of the day:
beats, celery, collard greens, apple, and cucumber
Green, red and yellow peppers, cuccumber, kale, apple and celery.
Collard greens, apple, cucumber and green peppers.

Feel good,

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