Friday, January 27, 2012

Day #4

Today I woke up and did one enema, and that made me feel better right away! After I had my shake, put my new fivefingers on,the seeya (soon in store) and had one of my best runs! Felt that the energy was uncontrollable!!!! Felt super strong and effortless! After I organize all my stuff, shakes, herbs, lunch, water, and went to Miami marathon expo with fivefingers! Worked all day, energy was up and down, a few headaches here and there. After expo was done and I hit the road, 10 min into the drive, lots of cravings!!! And more headaches! Got home and had dinner ( juice this time, no more meals for dinner).
Right after dinner I felt good, but probably 20 min later I had a little headaches! Funny thing is the less I eat the more I go to the bathroom (#1 and #2 sorry but is true).
Also one thing I realize, I have been sleeping really good and deep, waking up extremely rested :). Also today I realized something: since I took fluoride out of my tooth paste my teeth gotten whiter and in 4 days into cleanse ( since we use distiled water for cleanse with no fluoride) my teeth is even whiter, can you believe? I read a lot about fluoride been bad, but didn't realize how bad it is!!!
Is funny how the body reacts, my symptoms are different than my wife's symptoms.... I am really glad that I am having those symptoms because that means that the body is putting everything out :))))
Looking forward for tomorrow, another day with one meal and another day at expo! Can't wait to be all clean :)))
Feel good,

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