Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day #6

The day today was much better, less headaches, still some but less, and since I slept more felt that I had more energy! Still had some craving!
I started the day with one enema, and that made me feel good right away! The day went normal, and since is Sunday I watch some movies with my wife :) that helped the body detox I guess cause I rested a lot!
I did another enema in the pm, and for my surprise I few plaques came out already, and I must say is a big relief in the body, omg you can feel it right away! Is amazing!!!!!
My experience so far has been amazing, and honestly everybody should do a detox like that, after a plaque came out, the feeling was so good that I have no words!
2 things I notice, my weight dropped already, and today before I got in the shower while the water was running, and the water was hot, I started to sweat. My feeling was that I was sweating fat, honestly felt that my body was putting out fat, crazy! I dont know if is possible but felt like it!
Tomorrow I think I am ready for the master phase, so that means no more meals only juices, shakes and herbs. It will be challenging but I know more plaques will come out and I will feel much better!
Oh I forgot, at night working on the computer, sending out the workouts for the week for all my athletes, today was the day that I finished faster than ever! I was so concentraded! My mind was clear and focus like never before! I can see some bennefits already! Looking forward to the rest of the detox!
Feel good,

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