Saturday, March 31, 2012

Be free

So Friday and Saturday I went to st. Pete to do a few five fingers running clinics, and some interesting things happen. Friday night I got to the hotel hungry and ready to eat, so I picked up the menu and I look at it and I thought there is nothing to eat here! I mean even the salad had bacon on it! WTH??? Then we don't why people are overweight! Any ways, I end up getting a plain hose salad with some guacamole, and 2 apples. Next day was even better, woke up and went to check out the breafast and I was thinking it would be a nice breakfast with lots of fruits (I was at the Hilton), when I got there they had 2 fruits and 3000 types of begals, milk, peanut butter etc etc... Once again, why are people overweighted? So I pack up my stuff and went to publix ( first super market I saw), and I felt like I was in the matrix movie LOL, taking the small organic fruit sections everything else was chemicals lol, that is true! I pick up a packed from dry figs and in the ingredients was: dry figs and 3 types of persavatives... Really? How hard it is to sell dry figs? I mean plain dry figs! By the way, does any body know why I can't find fresh figs in Florida?
So I grab 8 organic bananas and that was my breakfas all the way to 2 pm...And it was more than enough! After the clinc I stopped by whole foods and had lunch!
One thing I learned in this trip, everything that we eat is not food! I can honestly say that I did break free from those food and chemical addictions because my body does not reconize those things as food anymore! I was really happy about that and it feels really good to feel this way!
I extremily suggest everyone to be free going on a raw diet and experience the real health, life was made to be abundant and we were made to be healthy, happy and free! Once you go raw your mind will clear up and you will see the world with diferrent eyes. Like I always say, think out side of the matrix!

Food of the day:
8 bananas until 2pm
Guacamole with raw flax seed chips
Green smoothie
Grapefruit juice

Feel good and go RAW!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A juice day

So yesterday I decide just to have juices and smoothies, so no solid food, just to give my body a "break" after the race. It is funny because everytime I do that I have a lot more energy, so much energy that sometimes I think I should train more lol.
Since the race I have been training normal. I did track on Monday and an easy swim. Tuesday a swim and a 2 hour ride (hilly) in the computrainer, actually 50 min on the road and 1 hour and 10 on the trainer (boring but good). Wednesday I did 12 mile progressive run in the am, swam 3500 hard, and I did the beach workout with my team, really hard workout with elastic, jumping and sprints. Also yesterday I had only juice. When I got back home I started to watch the documentary Thrive (really cool and informative by the way) so I end up going to bed at 1 am, and I woke up at 515am to coach swim and do my swim after. I was full of energy and ready to go, even with just a few hours of sleep :) later in the day I did a 2 hour bike ride with some good interval training.
During the day today I was thinking usually the less calories I have the more energy I get! So I went back to my race, and I look at the numbers, my garmin said I burned 4000 calories during the race. I look what my calorie intake was very little, for example: my gel I used 5 serving on the bike and it have 50 calories per serving aprox (250 calories total), 4 raw revolution bars of 100 calories(400 total) and my juice witch is was 150 calories max. Run 4 servings of my gel (200 calories). So total of aprox 900 calories for the entire race. I did feel extremely strong during the race, and next day zero pain with a great track session at 5k pace! How is possible? Like I always say, is the quality that matters and how much your body can absorb during an effort like that! The funny part is that when I started training nutritionist, and athletes were always telling me you need around 500 calories per hour on an ironman, you need salt pills etc etc, and when I used to do all that I always had cramps, and stomach issues in races forcing me to slow down! You have to eat what you body needs and what he can absorb. By doing that you will be able to perform well! And what your body needs, and what your body was made to absorb is natural organic raw foods, is that simple!

My juicing day went like this:
My green smoothie in the am
2 apples 3 celery and 1 small piece of ginger juice
2 apples, 1 celery, 1 small beet and 1 small ginger juice
3 grapefruit squeezed juice
1 green smoothie at night.

Feel Good and go RAW!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Race Nutrition

I would like to start this post thanking all my sponsors for believing in me and helping me. Thank you: FletsUSA, David Dorfman with, Garden Of Life, Nutiva, Boston Bill sunglasses. Also thank you to all friends and family helping me on this journey, I am really grateful for all the help. Special thanks to Jennifer from for helping me detox and adding a few nutrition tips specific to my body according with iridology, and for Valeria for doing reiki on me, and a big thanks to my wife that is always there with me waking up at 4 am with the biggest smile and telling to go faster lol! Thank you Eduardo Sturla for helping me as well! Thank you to all friends and family (the list is big)!!! Thank you all for the support!! I love you all!!!!

So this was the first race after my detox. The race was part of my training, that means that I did the race with no tapper and I was pretty happy with the results. The week I trained normally, the only modification I did was friday workout I cut shorter and Saturday I only ran 6 miles, other than that my training was a normal week of training.

Day before the race my nutrition was very simple and I did something new, let me explain: I woke you green smoothie with garden of life raw perfect meal, ran 6 miles, than 2 apples and 3 banana bread bars from goraw ( Organize my stuff, did my gels and juice for the race, drop of the bike and went to lunch: lettuce, pumpkin seeds, carrots and guacamole and that was about 4pm. After that I had 2 bananas around 5pm and I didn't eat anymore, juice apple and celery juice and grapefruit juice. What was new was not eating after 5pm just juice and eating less as well. And it worked!

Day of the race: Woke up at 4 am, green smoothie (about half of what I usually do), warm up, 1 banana and race at 715am.
Swim: The swim was good, I felt strong the entire time, but 3/4 into I thought I can go faster so I started to increase the pace and felt really good. Swim was longer, Garmin 910 marked 1.35 miles. First time ever I did not have any negative thoughts.
Bike: I jumped in the bike, and my nutrition was: 1 bottle of apple and celery juice, gel (apple, celery and turbinado raw sugar) and 4 small Raw Revolution bars (green ones) and that was perfect! I was so focus on the bike. I did progressive bike, first 20 I avg 22.8, second 20 miles 23.3 and the last 16 miles I avg 23.7. The course was hilly, no crazy hills but it was never flat. Felt pretty strong the entire ride.
Run: I started to run my legs were really loose. The first 3.2 miles of the course was in trails and  was a sandy trail, so it was hard to put some speed. I felt I was running on a soft sand in the beach. After that the last 10 min was up and down, little hilly on the run too. I felt pretty strong. I ran with my Inov-8 ( My nutrition during the run was my gel and water. Due to the heat I could had an apple and celery juice next time. Other than that was perfect!

After race I had a big raw revolution bar with some garden of life raw protein shake!

I was pretty happy with the race. Best part was my mental focus during the race and with no negative thoughts. First time ever! Second, I did 4 min faster than my last one, in a harder course and using the race as training. Third, I finish the race good to go for another half LOL. Today I woke up good to go and ready to hit the track tonight! Fourth, my nutrition was perfect, before during and after!!!

Feel Good and go RAW!!! Thank you for all the support!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A day with very little fat intake!

You know after my 2 cleanses I am seing some amazing things with my body. I am pretty happy with all the results and I am exited to see what happen in my first half ironman of the year this Sunday. I am not resting for the race I am doing as training, but I think I will be able to see how I really am.
I am exited because the last 3 weeks I have been doing some great workouts, but the best part is that I am doing paces and speeds that 3 to 4 months ago or either I was not able to do, or I was doing using a lot of effort. For example, I did a progressive 12 mile run today, and in the end I was pushing a 5 55 to 6 pace and my heart rate was not even in zone 3. I look on my training log, 3 months ago that pace would put me in zone 4 to 5 almost red line! I was shock!
So let's see what happen this Sunday, I am pretty exited even been a training race!
One thing I notice is the last fat I eat the more energy I feel, so for this week what I'm doing is having very little fat to see how the body reacts on the race, so this way I can see what is going to be my pre race diet for my first ironman of the year in may!

So this is my food intake for today:

Green smoothie with garden of life perfect raw food
Run (12 miles progressive)- celery, perfect raw food, orange, carrots, turmeric for recovery
Lunch: spinach, kale and sprout mug beans
Dry figs as snacks
1 banana and 5 dry figs after swim 3500
Coached track
Dinner sprout quinoa with a little of Nutiva hemp oil and apple cider vinager
2 grapefruits

Feel good and go RAW!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Raw food power

Today I had the most amazing experience on this raw food journey! Let me begin, I did the 10 miler, and I raced with my five fingers, so since it was a hard workout, I was a little soar in the calf and quads.... Sunday I did a hard swim nothing major and an easy bike. Woke up monday (48 hours after a workout like that is when you feel it the most) still soar but nothing crazy. So I went to the pool for a hard 4000m swim, and after I had speed work on the run at 5k pace. I finish the workout and I thought I still gonna be sore for a little while after today. So I went for lunch at the HHI feeling pretty sore, started to eat, ate lots of sprouts and a lot of Turmeric root (best anti inflammatory) when I stand up for another plate, I didn't feel the soreness as much. Got the second plate, ate and when I left I was not sore anymore! I was shocked! I told my wife I can't imagine, I arrive sore and I am leaving brand new, and after a day with 2 hard workouts! WOW!!!! How impressive is that!!! I am still amazed on how fast it was! We felt so good that we got home and we went to play with our dog at the tennis court and we did a few sprints with him there, and my leg? Brand new!!!!

I don't you if you have been to HHI but the way the food is set up there, is sprouts first, than the "fun food", usually a raw pasta, or raw tacos etc etc. So according with their program the sprouts is the most important for you and it should be more than 50% of the plate and the rest is fun. So usually I look forward for the fun part, but today I ate the fun part but not as much as usual, I was satisfied very quickly with the sprouts and I was not sore anymore, so the job was well done! I love it! How is amazing the power of raw foods!!!!!

Food intake:
Green smoothie in the am
1 banana
2 grapefruit
4 dates
2 bananas 4 dates
Run (speed work)
1 apple and celery juice
HHI dinner with lots of sprouts and Turmeric!

Feel Good and Go RAW!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


So today I did the shamrock 10 miler, I trained normal and did the race as training today. We biked 17 miles before the race. I had a really good race, even knowing that I was not racing racing. I did 1 hour and 1 min, my best time in a 10 miler, that is a 6 06 pace (I think). I felt good the entire time, and the best part was my heart rate avg 158, that was great, specially because I have a race next weekend as well, a half ironman.
For me the most impressive thing today was that, I woke up at 4 am to go meet the guys, bike and race. Went home with my wife and we went to play with Bolt (our lovely dog), came back went to lunch, hang out a little bit, watched a movie, worked a little bit and I was not even tired! It is amazing what raw food can do!
After a day like that I started thinking at night, what is the limit? Honestly, how much the human can do? I know that we are not using our entire capacity! I am a extremily believer on this sentence: "we are what we eat" and the truth is we eat a lot of junk. So is our potential as humans and as society becoming junk? Just because of the way we eat! I started to see food as fuel and medicine not as emotional and entertainment.
Until today I can honestly say that raw food have changed my body, mind and spirit! Changed for good, it help me understand me and my purpose in this life, and I want to reach the highest level that I can and I want to help others feel what I feel and reach their best as well. If you change your diet you can change your mind, and changing your mind you can change your life!

Food intake for today:
Breakfast green smoothie
After race 3 bananas
Lunch at HHI lots of sprouts there.
After that just afew bananas, dates, grapefruit juice. That was it! The sprouts make me really full!

Feel good and go RAW!

Friday, March 16, 2012


The last few days I have been really busy with training, coaching and with the feel good challenge that I have with a few of my athletes. But I ran into some nice people and I got to know a lot of new things about myself and about others as well.
The first amazing thing is after the liver flush I am a new person! I did some research and I found out that liver have a lot to do with anger, and I notice that I am a lot calmer after the flush. It is pretty cool!
Last week I ran into someone at the Hippocrates health institute (HHI), that stayed there for 3 weeks, and we talked a lot and she showed to me her blood exam. In 16 days on raw foods her cholesterol drop from 279 to 170!!!!! Amazing isn't it? No medication! We kept talking and she ran a marathon before and she is signed up for another one, and she asked me "can you do it with a 100% raw diet?" I said of course, I do ironmans on a 100% raw diet!
That conversation helped me a lot! Help me realize my purpose in life! I want to show, and motivate people or even inspire people that it is possible to do ironmans in performing in high levels having a 100% raw vegan diet, and a life with no chemicals. That is helping me a lot on training and is giving me extra motivation as well because now I really few that I have a bigger reason (other than myself reason) to do what I do. That remind me a conversation that I had with my brother the very first day I decide to quite business school. I was doing a fruit smoothie and I told him " I want to do something more for society, like I want to do something good and maybe make a difference". That day I quite business and 8 months later I started exercise science.
Those things happen for a reason! With coaching I help people be healthier, but I wanted more and now I am enrolled is holistic sports nutrition. So decide to put together my 2 passions, raw foods and training to help people be healthier and happier. I think I already do that but I didn't realized :)
Also, today I had a pleasure to see the HHI graduation and it is amazing! A lot of people share their results and it is just amazing the results of 3 weeks on a raw food diet, not only physical but mentally as well!

Thank you all for reading my blog! I will be post more of my training and my food intake. Tomorrow I am biking and doing a 10 miler race locally, and next week a half ironman as training for ironman Utah.

Training today was a little easier since i am racing tomorrow, I did 8 miles run, with some intervals.
Food intake:
My green smoothie
Celery, parsley, grapefruit juice after my workout
Lunch at HHI
Green smoothie at 6pm
And that is pretty much it!

Feel good and go RAW

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Liver flush

So I did my first liver flush! Went better than I thought, I counted 60 stones! Some of them were big like the size of an almond! At night I could feel and hear the rocks moving (no pain just noise), it was pretty amazing experience. Some people have trouble sleeping and feel sick, I slept pretty well and did not feel sick at all. The hardest part was drinking the epson salt, other than that was pretty good!
Once again I had lots of energy!  I spent 3 days with no fat in order to do the flush, and I think cutting the fat gives you a lot of energy.  I think(that is from my experience and from talking with Jennifer) when you eat fat it  slows down everything. That been said, WE ARE WHAT WE EAT, think about it!
The liver have really important functions such as:  produce substances that break down fats, convert glucose to glycogen, produce urea (the main substance of urine), make certain amino acids (the building blocks of protein), filter harmful substances from the blood, storage of vitamins and minerals (Vitamin A, D, K and B12) and maintain a proper level or glucose in the blood. The liver is also responsible for producing cholesterol. It produces about 80% of the cholesterol in your body. All those function are key for the body and specially for an athlete. The cleaner your body is, the healthier you are.

Yesterday was a pretty busy since I was working on my Raw food challenge. Worked in the computer in the am with training plans, since I had to stay home in case I had more stones coming out LOL. After I went to buy all the stuff, than went back home and it was training time! During training I was shocked, I was going faster with lower heart rate! I am trying to find some studies related to HR training and raw foods, I think will be really interesting to see.
Since I didn't eat from 2 pm Sunday until Monday at noon there is not a whole lot of food, but here it is:
3 bananas
4 grapefruits
2 salads spinach, kale, alfalfa sprouts, carrots and beets

I am really grateful for this experience!!!
Feel Good and Go RAW!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Liver flush today!

Today I'm getting ready for my liver flush! I have been 3 days with no fat at all! It is amazing how much more energy I have without fat in the diet!
Past 2 days I ate:
Lots of salads full of spinach and kale
Friday I had lunch at Hippocrates health institute and I ate a lot of sprouts

Those days without fat it is been great! I had pretty hard workouts and specially on the swim and I hit my best times.

So I'm doing my workout now today and I will have to stop eating at 2pm and I will eat again tomorrow at 12! I will put here my experience!

Feel good and go RAW

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grapefruit super fruit?

Today was a great day! Woke up full of energy, I coached swim in the am than I jumped in the pool and did some extra drills, I added 2000 on my training, I had to much energy LOL.
After swim I went biking and for the first time I used the computrainer on a friend/ client house.... I must say I like the fact that I did the St George course, but boy computrainer is BORING! I know everyone swear by it, but I don't think I can do more than once a month. I love outdoors. So 30 min into the workout I wanted to leave, but I stick with the plan and did 2 hours on the hardest part of the course. Of course I had to put music on. 
After I finish the workout I went home had some of my raw recovery shake, and 1 hour later I had lunch. I think I ate a little too much at lunch, felt a little heavy. After lunch about 2 hours later I was craving for grapefruit. So I had a glass of grapefruit juice and in 5 min I was feeling a lot better. 
I was so impress with that, so I started to research the benefits of grapefruit. I found some amazing things about it. The funny part is that the first time I ever tried  (I was 15 years old)grapefruit I did not like it at all, and now I love, and even crave for it!
So here are the few benefits that I found:
1- Is super rich in vitamin C ( Good to fight colds and free radicals, also reduce the risk of death from cancer, stroke, and  cardiovascular disease)
2-Prevent Kidney stones (Increase your urinary pH value. This helps to significantly lower your risk of calcium oxalate stones forming)
3-Help on weight loss (Rich in fat burning enzymes and help to flush excess of water from high sodium diets)
4-Super charges your metabolism (combination of acids and enzymes makes your internal organs working)
5- Helps your liver detox (In fact the liver flush I will do this weekend I have to drink grapefruit juice)
6-Helps fight prostate cancer (flavonoid naringenin help repair injury DNA in prostate cancer cells)
7- Protection against lung cancer (6 onces a day has shown  to help reduce the activities of enzymes that can activate the cancer-triggering chemicals that are found in cigarette and cigar smoke)
8-Lower cholesterol (studies shown the reduced up to 20% in 30 days)
9-Fever reducer  (helps to reduce the burning sensation)
10- Indigestion (It is considered a light food in comparison to other foods and can be digested quickly and easily. This eases indigestion by reducing the heat and irritation that is in your stomach)
It is amazing how nature have  foods that can help with everything, you just have to eat the right food and it's natural state, RAW! Is that simple but people still  want to take pills with all those side effects (I don't get it).

Daily food intake:
Green smoothie
Raw energy bar (with raw protein) my recipe
Recovery drink raw
Sprout quinoa and hemp seed dressing
Grapefruit juice
4 bananas

Feel Good and go RAW!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Raw food=super powers?

Ok, so now that I have been hitting hard my workouts I am really impressed with the raw food world, specially after the cleanse! I really don't understand why is hard for people to believe or do, if they just knew how I feel maybe more people will try!
Today was a crazy day! I woke up, personal train and went to do my workout! A few things called my attention, first I didn't need music (I usually listen to music on hard runs), during the run I notice I was running faster than the pace I was suppose to with a lower heart rate even with a 30mph wind! Also my concentration was beyond my normal, I didn't feel the need of my raw gel, and after I finish the workout witch was about 10 miles total with a lot of speed, I felt that I didn't do anything! So I went to do some core workouts, and end up adding a few burpees as well!
As soon as I got home did my recovery shake and went to do my taxes (finally), finish went to lunch and went to Bedners farmers market to get food :))
Got home organize everything grabbed my stuff went to swim! Did my best swim set ever in my life! Swam about 3500m. Once again I finish the workout and I felt that I didn't do anything! Crazy! I went to the track to coach my team and I felt I wanna to run! I didn't run, but the energy was increadible! When I got home I was still getting some stuff done, and now is 10 30 pm and I still feel like running lol.... It is insane the amount of energy I have even after the workouts I had today, is was not easy workouts were hard workouts that I did my fastest time in training! That is why I think raw foods can give you super powers lol. If you didn't go raw yet, you should! And is cheaper too, I spent 65$ at Bedners and I have food for about 2 weeks, for me and my wife!
This weekend I am going to do a liver flush, my wife is doing as well and I think is good for body, training etc, you can see what it is at suggested by Jennifer.
I am really grateful for Jennifer for teaching me and my wife the power of cleanse and learning more about raw food. Thank you Jennifer!
I really want to see how this season will finish :)

Raw food intake:
Morning green smoothie
1 banana before run
1 recovery drink
Lunch: salad with kale spinach and guacamole
Snack 1 banana and figs
Snack at track 1 apple and figs
Dinner: sprout quinoa with creamy dressing ( nutritional yeast, bell peppers, and Nutiva hemp seeds)
Snack raw chocolate shake
That's it! Doesn't sounds much right? But I did great workouts and I had lots and lots of energy! Maybe super power? LOL
Feel good and go RAW!

Raw chocolate shake

1 cup of water
1/4 cup of Nutiva hemp seeds
1 tbs of raw cocoa
1 banana
2 dates or 2 tbs of agave or coconut nectar

Put everything in the blender and blend well! add ice if you want to make it really cold!

Feel good and go RAW!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I hear a lot of people saying I need to train more, but what people usually need is more recovery! It is very important to know that the body gets stronger when it rest and not when stress! That is why some people train a lot and never lose weight because they are always in stress, and of course a diet can help a lot! One thing a learn with my diet and on Brendan Braizer books is that food cause a lot of stress, nutritional stress.
In fact diet can reduce up to 40% of your stress level, yes 40%! Can you imagine a world 40% less stressed out? Will be pretty good right? Any ways, I notice since I became vegan and mostly when I became raw is how my stress level reduced, and that make me recover better and faster. For example, my body don't have to stress (work) to digest foods, therefor I can use that energy to train or recover.
I notice that certain cooked foods, or even hard to digest foords, or foods with a lot of sodium, or with a lots of fat, that made me "lazy" and with "heavy" legs. The past 3 weeks, I have been hitting pretty hard workouts everyday, and each day I wake up with more energy! The most amazing thing was the day with out fat, was the day that I had more energy, and my fat intake is from avocado, flaxseed and sometimes a few nuts. So easy digest foods (raw) equals of less stress. Less stress better recover, more energy!!!
Also, what usually happen when you are stress out? You look for comfortable foods witch are fatty foods, or coffee and sugar causing even more stress in the body, and the "lazy" feeling, specially after the coffee effect ends and you crash! And after you crash? You take more coffee, and the cycle starts all over again! There is another fact that if you are lacking from energy you try to eat more, but adding more calories can cause even more stress in body, than causing more stress people gain weight or don't lose weight, so what they usually do is cut calories and that can cause a lot stress as well! Best think you can do is change the food that you eat, by going raw!
So, what I am trying to say, is that most of the time is not a training problem, is a recovery problem! And that it is a simple fact, you can change what you eat in order to recover better, just simply imagine your life with 40% less stress? Can you picture that? Imagine 40% more energy what you can do? Maybe you can finally lose what you always wanted to, or do that race that you always wanted, even spend more time with family, sleep better etc. There is plenty of stuff that you can do with 40% more of energy! At least I know I can :)) I felt a big difference in being raw, sometimes feels life I have super powers lol!

Raw food daily from yesterday:
6 bananas
4 dates
Recovery drink (my own recipe raw)
4 grapefruits (I love it)
Salad with kale, spinach and guacamole!

Feel good and go RAW!

Friday, March 2, 2012

A day without fat!

In my diet I usually have a little bit of fat from avocados, or flax seeds, hemp seeds etc etc... But today (did not plan ahead) I didn't eat any fat, I actually ate lesss calories too but i had lots of energy!
I woke you and had a tangirine, later on another banana did some stuff, made my gel for training and went for a 3200 swim, not only had a great swim, I did one of my fastest time! I think I was just happy to swim at the pool where my triathlon life started. I swam at the pool that I did my very first swim workout! After the swim I went to a 30 mile bike ride, little easy to moderate. Got back I had my recovery drink but this time was grapefruit juice, banana, 2 dates and raw protein.
90 minutes later I went to do my run, was 20x1/4 mile progressive, with 1 min active rest. Had a great workout. And that got me thinking: I ate very little today and had lots of energy, so like I said before is not about calories is about absorbition and quality. So if you eat the right foods (quality) and this food being raw you will have better absorbition therefor you will need less calories, is so simple! The reason I say absorbition is because raw foods the body recognizes causing less stress in the body.
Funny thing is that during the run I realize that I didn't eat fat during the day and that I think is a good part on the reason I hade a lot of energy. Fat is a little "sticky" in the body and I feel like it take longer to digest. I think that's the reason that I had extra energy :)

Daily food intake:
4 bananas
1 tangerine
Grapefruit juice (2)
Raw graden of life protein (2)
Kale salad
And that's it!
See very little calories but lots of energy!

feel good and go raw!