Friday, March 16, 2012


The last few days I have been really busy with training, coaching and with the feel good challenge that I have with a few of my athletes. But I ran into some nice people and I got to know a lot of new things about myself and about others as well.
The first amazing thing is after the liver flush I am a new person! I did some research and I found out that liver have a lot to do with anger, and I notice that I am a lot calmer after the flush. It is pretty cool!
Last week I ran into someone at the Hippocrates health institute (HHI), that stayed there for 3 weeks, and we talked a lot and she showed to me her blood exam. In 16 days on raw foods her cholesterol drop from 279 to 170!!!!! Amazing isn't it? No medication! We kept talking and she ran a marathon before and she is signed up for another one, and she asked me "can you do it with a 100% raw diet?" I said of course, I do ironmans on a 100% raw diet!
That conversation helped me a lot! Help me realize my purpose in life! I want to show, and motivate people or even inspire people that it is possible to do ironmans in performing in high levels having a 100% raw vegan diet, and a life with no chemicals. That is helping me a lot on training and is giving me extra motivation as well because now I really few that I have a bigger reason (other than myself reason) to do what I do. That remind me a conversation that I had with my brother the very first day I decide to quite business school. I was doing a fruit smoothie and I told him " I want to do something more for society, like I want to do something good and maybe make a difference". That day I quite business and 8 months later I started exercise science.
Those things happen for a reason! With coaching I help people be healthier, but I wanted more and now I am enrolled is holistic sports nutrition. So decide to put together my 2 passions, raw foods and training to help people be healthier and happier. I think I already do that but I didn't realized :)
Also, today I had a pleasure to see the HHI graduation and it is amazing! A lot of people share their results and it is just amazing the results of 3 weeks on a raw food diet, not only physical but mentally as well!

Thank you all for reading my blog! I will be post more of my training and my food intake. Tomorrow I am biking and doing a 10 miler race locally, and next week a half ironman as training for ironman Utah.

Training today was a little easier since i am racing tomorrow, I did 8 miles run, with some intervals.
Food intake:
My green smoothie
Celery, parsley, grapefruit juice after my workout
Lunch at HHI
Green smoothie at 6pm
And that is pretty much it!

Feel good and go RAW

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