Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I hear a lot of people saying I need to train more, but what people usually need is more recovery! It is very important to know that the body gets stronger when it rest and not when stress! That is why some people train a lot and never lose weight because they are always in stress, and of course a diet can help a lot! One thing a learn with my diet and on Brendan Braizer books is that food cause a lot of stress, nutritional stress.
In fact diet can reduce up to 40% of your stress level, yes 40%! Can you imagine a world 40% less stressed out? Will be pretty good right? Any ways, I notice since I became vegan and mostly when I became raw is how my stress level reduced, and that make me recover better and faster. For example, my body don't have to stress (work) to digest foods, therefor I can use that energy to train or recover.
I notice that certain cooked foods, or even hard to digest foords, or foods with a lot of sodium, or with a lots of fat, that made me "lazy" and with "heavy" legs. The past 3 weeks, I have been hitting pretty hard workouts everyday, and each day I wake up with more energy! The most amazing thing was the day with out fat, was the day that I had more energy, and my fat intake is from avocado, flaxseed and sometimes a few nuts. So easy digest foods (raw) equals of less stress. Less stress better recover, more energy!!!
Also, what usually happen when you are stress out? You look for comfortable foods witch are fatty foods, or coffee and sugar causing even more stress in the body, and the "lazy" feeling, specially after the coffee effect ends and you crash! And after you crash? You take more coffee, and the cycle starts all over again! There is another fact that if you are lacking from energy you try to eat more, but adding more calories can cause even more stress in body, than causing more stress people gain weight or don't lose weight, so what they usually do is cut calories and that can cause a lot stress as well! Best think you can do is change the food that you eat, by going raw!
So, what I am trying to say, is that most of the time is not a training problem, is a recovery problem! And that it is a simple fact, you can change what you eat in order to recover better, just simply imagine your life with 40% less stress? Can you picture that? Imagine 40% more energy what you can do? Maybe you can finally lose what you always wanted to, or do that race that you always wanted, even spend more time with family, sleep better etc. There is plenty of stuff that you can do with 40% more of energy! At least I know I can :)) I felt a big difference in being raw, sometimes feels life I have super powers lol!

Raw food daily from yesterday:
6 bananas
4 dates
Recovery drink (my own recipe raw)
4 grapefruits (I love it)
Salad with kale, spinach and guacamole!

Feel good and go RAW!

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  1. A lot of people don't realize that consuming caffeine for energy is borrowing energy from tomorrow to use for today. That creates "energy debt." This is incredibly stressful on the body. Great post. Thank you!