Saturday, March 31, 2012

Be free

So Friday and Saturday I went to st. Pete to do a few five fingers running clinics, and some interesting things happen. Friday night I got to the hotel hungry and ready to eat, so I picked up the menu and I look at it and I thought there is nothing to eat here! I mean even the salad had bacon on it! WTH??? Then we don't why people are overweight! Any ways, I end up getting a plain hose salad with some guacamole, and 2 apples. Next day was even better, woke up and went to check out the breafast and I was thinking it would be a nice breakfast with lots of fruits (I was at the Hilton), when I got there they had 2 fruits and 3000 types of begals, milk, peanut butter etc etc... Once again, why are people overweighted? So I pack up my stuff and went to publix ( first super market I saw), and I felt like I was in the matrix movie LOL, taking the small organic fruit sections everything else was chemicals lol, that is true! I pick up a packed from dry figs and in the ingredients was: dry figs and 3 types of persavatives... Really? How hard it is to sell dry figs? I mean plain dry figs! By the way, does any body know why I can't find fresh figs in Florida?
So I grab 8 organic bananas and that was my breakfas all the way to 2 pm...And it was more than enough! After the clinc I stopped by whole foods and had lunch!
One thing I learned in this trip, everything that we eat is not food! I can honestly say that I did break free from those food and chemical addictions because my body does not reconize those things as food anymore! I was really happy about that and it feels really good to feel this way!
I extremily suggest everyone to be free going on a raw diet and experience the real health, life was made to be abundant and we were made to be healthy, happy and free! Once you go raw your mind will clear up and you will see the world with diferrent eyes. Like I always say, think out side of the matrix!

Food of the day:
8 bananas until 2pm
Guacamole with raw flax seed chips
Green smoothie
Grapefruit juice

Feel good and go RAW!

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