Friday, March 2, 2012

A day without fat!

In my diet I usually have a little bit of fat from avocados, or flax seeds, hemp seeds etc etc... But today (did not plan ahead) I didn't eat any fat, I actually ate lesss calories too but i had lots of energy!
I woke you and had a tangirine, later on another banana did some stuff, made my gel for training and went for a 3200 swim, not only had a great swim, I did one of my fastest time! I think I was just happy to swim at the pool where my triathlon life started. I swam at the pool that I did my very first swim workout! After the swim I went to a 30 mile bike ride, little easy to moderate. Got back I had my recovery drink but this time was grapefruit juice, banana, 2 dates and raw protein.
90 minutes later I went to do my run, was 20x1/4 mile progressive, with 1 min active rest. Had a great workout. And that got me thinking: I ate very little today and had lots of energy, so like I said before is not about calories is about absorbition and quality. So if you eat the right foods (quality) and this food being raw you will have better absorbition therefor you will need less calories, is so simple! The reason I say absorbition is because raw foods the body recognizes causing less stress in the body.
Funny thing is that during the run I realize that I didn't eat fat during the day and that I think is a good part on the reason I hade a lot of energy. Fat is a little "sticky" in the body and I feel like it take longer to digest. I think that's the reason that I had extra energy :)

Daily food intake:
4 bananas
1 tangerine
Grapefruit juice (2)
Raw graden of life protein (2)
Kale salad
And that's it!
See very little calories but lots of energy!

feel good and go raw!

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