Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Raw food=super powers?

Ok, so now that I have been hitting hard my workouts I am really impressed with the raw food world, specially after the cleanse! I really don't understand why is hard for people to believe or do, if they just knew how I feel maybe more people will try!
Today was a crazy day! I woke up, personal train and went to do my workout! A few things called my attention, first I didn't need music (I usually listen to music on hard runs), during the run I notice I was running faster than the pace I was suppose to with a lower heart rate even with a 30mph wind! Also my concentration was beyond my normal, I didn't feel the need of my raw gel, and after I finish the workout witch was about 10 miles total with a lot of speed, I felt that I didn't do anything! So I went to do some core workouts, and end up adding a few burpees as well!
As soon as I got home did my recovery shake and went to do my taxes (finally), finish went to lunch and went to Bedners farmers market to get food :))
Got home organize everything grabbed my stuff went to swim! Did my best swim set ever in my life! Swam about 3500m. Once again I finish the workout and I felt that I didn't do anything! Crazy! I went to the track to coach my team and I felt I wanna to run! I didn't run, but the energy was increadible! When I got home I was still getting some stuff done, and now is 10 30 pm and I still feel like running lol.... It is insane the amount of energy I have even after the workouts I had today, is was not easy workouts were hard workouts that I did my fastest time in training! That is why I think raw foods can give you super powers lol. If you didn't go raw yet, you should! And is cheaper too, I spent 65$ at Bedners and I have food for about 2 weeks, for me and my wife!
This weekend I am going to do a liver flush, my wife is doing as well and I think is good for body, training etc, you can see what it is at suggested by Jennifer.
I am really grateful for Jennifer for teaching me and my wife the power of cleanse and learning more about raw food. Thank you Jennifer!
I really want to see how this season will finish :)

Raw food intake:
Morning green smoothie
1 banana before run
1 recovery drink
Lunch: salad with kale spinach and guacamole
Snack 1 banana and figs
Snack at track 1 apple and figs
Dinner: sprout quinoa with creamy dressing ( nutritional yeast, bell peppers, and Nutiva hemp seeds)
Snack raw chocolate shake
That's it! Doesn't sounds much right? But I did great workouts and I had lots and lots of energy! Maybe super power? LOL
Feel good and go RAW!

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