Saturday, March 17, 2012


So today I did the shamrock 10 miler, I trained normal and did the race as training today. We biked 17 miles before the race. I had a really good race, even knowing that I was not racing racing. I did 1 hour and 1 min, my best time in a 10 miler, that is a 6 06 pace (I think). I felt good the entire time, and the best part was my heart rate avg 158, that was great, specially because I have a race next weekend as well, a half ironman.
For me the most impressive thing today was that, I woke up at 4 am to go meet the guys, bike and race. Went home with my wife and we went to play with Bolt (our lovely dog), came back went to lunch, hang out a little bit, watched a movie, worked a little bit and I was not even tired! It is amazing what raw food can do!
After a day like that I started thinking at night, what is the limit? Honestly, how much the human can do? I know that we are not using our entire capacity! I am a extremily believer on this sentence: "we are what we eat" and the truth is we eat a lot of junk. So is our potential as humans and as society becoming junk? Just because of the way we eat! I started to see food as fuel and medicine not as emotional and entertainment.
Until today I can honestly say that raw food have changed my body, mind and spirit! Changed for good, it help me understand me and my purpose in this life, and I want to reach the highest level that I can and I want to help others feel what I feel and reach their best as well. If you change your diet you can change your mind, and changing your mind you can change your life!

Food intake for today:
Breakfast green smoothie
After race 3 bananas
Lunch at HHI lots of sprouts there.
After that just afew bananas, dates, grapefruit juice. That was it! The sprouts make me really full!

Feel good and go RAW!

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