Monday, March 26, 2012

Race Nutrition

I would like to start this post thanking all my sponsors for believing in me and helping me. Thank you: FletsUSA, David Dorfman with, Garden Of Life, Nutiva, Boston Bill sunglasses. Also thank you to all friends and family helping me on this journey, I am really grateful for all the help. Special thanks to Jennifer from for helping me detox and adding a few nutrition tips specific to my body according with iridology, and for Valeria for doing reiki on me, and a big thanks to my wife that is always there with me waking up at 4 am with the biggest smile and telling to go faster lol! Thank you Eduardo Sturla for helping me as well! Thank you to all friends and family (the list is big)!!! Thank you all for the support!! I love you all!!!!

So this was the first race after my detox. The race was part of my training, that means that I did the race with no tapper and I was pretty happy with the results. The week I trained normally, the only modification I did was friday workout I cut shorter and Saturday I only ran 6 miles, other than that my training was a normal week of training.

Day before the race my nutrition was very simple and I did something new, let me explain: I woke you green smoothie with garden of life raw perfect meal, ran 6 miles, than 2 apples and 3 banana bread bars from goraw ( Organize my stuff, did my gels and juice for the race, drop of the bike and went to lunch: lettuce, pumpkin seeds, carrots and guacamole and that was about 4pm. After that I had 2 bananas around 5pm and I didn't eat anymore, juice apple and celery juice and grapefruit juice. What was new was not eating after 5pm just juice and eating less as well. And it worked!

Day of the race: Woke up at 4 am, green smoothie (about half of what I usually do), warm up, 1 banana and race at 715am.
Swim: The swim was good, I felt strong the entire time, but 3/4 into I thought I can go faster so I started to increase the pace and felt really good. Swim was longer, Garmin 910 marked 1.35 miles. First time ever I did not have any negative thoughts.
Bike: I jumped in the bike, and my nutrition was: 1 bottle of apple and celery juice, gel (apple, celery and turbinado raw sugar) and 4 small Raw Revolution bars (green ones) and that was perfect! I was so focus on the bike. I did progressive bike, first 20 I avg 22.8, second 20 miles 23.3 and the last 16 miles I avg 23.7. The course was hilly, no crazy hills but it was never flat. Felt pretty strong the entire ride.
Run: I started to run my legs were really loose. The first 3.2 miles of the course was in trails and  was a sandy trail, so it was hard to put some speed. I felt I was running on a soft sand in the beach. After that the last 10 min was up and down, little hilly on the run too. I felt pretty strong. I ran with my Inov-8 ( My nutrition during the run was my gel and water. Due to the heat I could had an apple and celery juice next time. Other than that was perfect!

After race I had a big raw revolution bar with some garden of life raw protein shake!

I was pretty happy with the race. Best part was my mental focus during the race and with no negative thoughts. First time ever! Second, I did 4 min faster than my last one, in a harder course and using the race as training. Third, I finish the race good to go for another half LOL. Today I woke up good to go and ready to hit the track tonight! Fourth, my nutrition was perfect, before during and after!!!

Feel Good and go RAW!!! Thank you for all the support!!!

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