Monday, March 19, 2012

Raw food power

Today I had the most amazing experience on this raw food journey! Let me begin, I did the 10 miler, and I raced with my five fingers, so since it was a hard workout, I was a little soar in the calf and quads.... Sunday I did a hard swim nothing major and an easy bike. Woke up monday (48 hours after a workout like that is when you feel it the most) still soar but nothing crazy. So I went to the pool for a hard 4000m swim, and after I had speed work on the run at 5k pace. I finish the workout and I thought I still gonna be sore for a little while after today. So I went for lunch at the HHI feeling pretty sore, started to eat, ate lots of sprouts and a lot of Turmeric root (best anti inflammatory) when I stand up for another plate, I didn't feel the soreness as much. Got the second plate, ate and when I left I was not sore anymore! I was shocked! I told my wife I can't imagine, I arrive sore and I am leaving brand new, and after a day with 2 hard workouts! WOW!!!! How impressive is that!!! I am still amazed on how fast it was! We felt so good that we got home and we went to play with our dog at the tennis court and we did a few sprints with him there, and my leg? Brand new!!!!

I don't you if you have been to HHI but the way the food is set up there, is sprouts first, than the "fun food", usually a raw pasta, or raw tacos etc etc. So according with their program the sprouts is the most important for you and it should be more than 50% of the plate and the rest is fun. So usually I look forward for the fun part, but today I ate the fun part but not as much as usual, I was satisfied very quickly with the sprouts and I was not sore anymore, so the job was well done! I love it! How is amazing the power of raw foods!!!!!

Food intake:
Green smoothie in the am
1 banana
2 grapefruit
4 dates
2 bananas 4 dates
Run (speed work)
1 apple and celery juice
HHI dinner with lots of sprouts and Turmeric!

Feel Good and Go RAW!

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