Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A day with very little fat intake!

You know after my 2 cleanses I am seing some amazing things with my body. I am pretty happy with all the results and I am exited to see what happen in my first half ironman of the year this Sunday. I am not resting for the race I am doing as training, but I think I will be able to see how I really am.
I am exited because the last 3 weeks I have been doing some great workouts, but the best part is that I am doing paces and speeds that 3 to 4 months ago or either I was not able to do, or I was doing using a lot of effort. For example, I did a progressive 12 mile run today, and in the end I was pushing a 5 55 to 6 pace and my heart rate was not even in zone 3. I look on my training log, 3 months ago that pace would put me in zone 4 to 5 almost red line! I was shock!
So let's see what happen this Sunday, I am pretty exited even been a training race!
One thing I notice is the last fat I eat the more energy I feel, so for this week what I'm doing is having very little fat to see how the body reacts on the race, so this way I can see what is going to be my pre race diet for my first ironman of the year in may!

So this is my food intake for today:

Green smoothie with garden of life perfect raw food
Run (12 miles progressive)- celery, perfect raw food, orange, carrots, turmeric for recovery
Lunch: spinach, kale and sprout mug beans
Dry figs as snacks
1 banana and 5 dry figs after swim 3500
Coached track
Dinner sprout quinoa with a little of Nutiva hemp oil and apple cider vinager
2 grapefruits

Feel good and go RAW!

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