Thursday, March 29, 2012

A juice day

So yesterday I decide just to have juices and smoothies, so no solid food, just to give my body a "break" after the race. It is funny because everytime I do that I have a lot more energy, so much energy that sometimes I think I should train more lol.
Since the race I have been training normal. I did track on Monday and an easy swim. Tuesday a swim and a 2 hour ride (hilly) in the computrainer, actually 50 min on the road and 1 hour and 10 on the trainer (boring but good). Wednesday I did 12 mile progressive run in the am, swam 3500 hard, and I did the beach workout with my team, really hard workout with elastic, jumping and sprints. Also yesterday I had only juice. When I got back home I started to watch the documentary Thrive (really cool and informative by the way) so I end up going to bed at 1 am, and I woke up at 515am to coach swim and do my swim after. I was full of energy and ready to go, even with just a few hours of sleep :) later in the day I did a 2 hour bike ride with some good interval training.
During the day today I was thinking usually the less calories I have the more energy I get! So I went back to my race, and I look at the numbers, my garmin said I burned 4000 calories during the race. I look what my calorie intake was very little, for example: my gel I used 5 serving on the bike and it have 50 calories per serving aprox (250 calories total), 4 raw revolution bars of 100 calories(400 total) and my juice witch is was 150 calories max. Run 4 servings of my gel (200 calories). So total of aprox 900 calories for the entire race. I did feel extremely strong during the race, and next day zero pain with a great track session at 5k pace! How is possible? Like I always say, is the quality that matters and how much your body can absorb during an effort like that! The funny part is that when I started training nutritionist, and athletes were always telling me you need around 500 calories per hour on an ironman, you need salt pills etc etc, and when I used to do all that I always had cramps, and stomach issues in races forcing me to slow down! You have to eat what you body needs and what he can absorb. By doing that you will be able to perform well! And what your body needs, and what your body was made to absorb is natural organic raw foods, is that simple!

My juicing day went like this:
My green smoothie in the am
2 apples 3 celery and 1 small piece of ginger juice
2 apples, 1 celery, 1 small beet and 1 small ginger juice
3 grapefruit squeezed juice
1 green smoothie at night.

Feel Good and go RAW!

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