Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grapefruit super fruit?

Today was a great day! Woke up full of energy, I coached swim in the am than I jumped in the pool and did some extra drills, I added 2000 on my training, I had to much energy LOL.
After swim I went biking and for the first time I used the computrainer on a friend/ client house.... I must say I like the fact that I did the St George course, but boy computrainer is BORING! I know everyone swear by it, but I don't think I can do more than once a month. I love outdoors. So 30 min into the workout I wanted to leave, but I stick with the plan and did 2 hours on the hardest part of the course. Of course I had to put music on. 
After I finish the workout I went home had some of my raw recovery shake, and 1 hour later I had lunch. I think I ate a little too much at lunch, felt a little heavy. After lunch about 2 hours later I was craving for grapefruit. So I had a glass of grapefruit juice and in 5 min I was feeling a lot better. 
I was so impress with that, so I started to research the benefits of grapefruit. I found some amazing things about it. The funny part is that the first time I ever tried  (I was 15 years old)grapefruit I did not like it at all, and now I love, and even crave for it!
So here are the few benefits that I found:
1- Is super rich in vitamin C ( Good to fight colds and free radicals, also reduce the risk of death from cancer, stroke, and  cardiovascular disease)
2-Prevent Kidney stones (Increase your urinary pH value. This helps to significantly lower your risk of calcium oxalate stones forming)
3-Help on weight loss (Rich in fat burning enzymes and help to flush excess of water from high sodium diets)
4-Super charges your metabolism (combination of acids and enzymes makes your internal organs working)
5- Helps your liver detox (In fact the liver flush I will do this weekend I have to drink grapefruit juice)
6-Helps fight prostate cancer (flavonoid naringenin help repair injury DNA in prostate cancer cells)
7- Protection against lung cancer (6 onces a day has shown  to help reduce the activities of enzymes that can activate the cancer-triggering chemicals that are found in cigarette and cigar smoke)
8-Lower cholesterol (studies shown the reduced up to 20% in 30 days)
9-Fever reducer  (helps to reduce the burning sensation)
10- Indigestion (It is considered a light food in comparison to other foods and can be digested quickly and easily. This eases indigestion by reducing the heat and irritation that is in your stomach)
It is amazing how nature have  foods that can help with everything, you just have to eat the right food and it's natural state, RAW! Is that simple but people still  want to take pills with all those side effects (I don't get it).

Daily food intake:
Green smoothie
Raw energy bar (with raw protein) my recipe
Recovery drink raw
Sprout quinoa and hemp seed dressing
Grapefruit juice
4 bananas

Feel Good and go RAW!

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