Sunday, April 1, 2012

We do have super powers

so I am convinced that we have super powers and we just limit ourselves with what we eat, think and do.... I can honestly say that I had one life before the detox and after the detox! I think after the detox my body is rebuilding and getting stronger every day, and that with raw foods is a powerful thing!
The reason I say that, is because today I had an extraordinary day today, with a great amount of energy! I woke up at 5 am, meditate and got ready to do my bike ride. Went out 7 am met 3 of my athletes and we went. I did 65 miles with them, and I had only 20 oz of apple and celery juice plus water. At mile 65 I stopped at whole foods and got more water, 2 bananas and 6 dry figs. I ate the figs, and went to finish the ride. The last 35 miles I was pushing a little bit more the pace. I had only one banana on mile 85 and finish the juice.
I got home and I felt that was nothing! I mean I used to finish a workout like that tired, this time was different, I was ready for another 100 LOL...
Went to have lunch at HHI them my wife and I watched I movie. Having to much energy I went for an easy run, and that easy run became an interval workout (mile repeats) at 5k pace. Felt really good! I have never felt this way after a long ride! It is incredible!
After today I am really convinced if you detox from all the garbage that we eat and start eating raw foods you will feel limitless!!! You can feel limitless physically, mentally, spiritually and with all those three things together life will be pretty amazing! I am still learning but the more I learn how to get all those three in harmony the more powerful I feel!

Food intake today:
green smoothie
during ride: 1 banana, 20oz of celery and apple juice, 6 dry figs.
After the ride 2 oranges
Lunch at HHI (few sprouts, greens and some raw crackers)
Banana Ice cream ( just froze the bananas and blend in the food processor) (chocolate cream: 1 tea spoon of cocoa and 3 tea spoons of raw agave and mix well) This was my threat
After the run: green smoothie
Felt great!!!! Very little fat and LOTS of energy!!!

Feel Good, and GO RAW!!!

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