Friday, April 13, 2012

Clean Body=Better athlete

This week I had the most impressive results from my diet change, detox, etc etc... Let me explain, January I did my 20 min TT on the bike just to see where I was like I usually do, I did the cleanse after the test. Basically my real training started in February when I finish my cleanse. Yesterday April 12, 3 months later, I decide to do a test just for fun. I didn't rest for the test like I did in January, I treated the test like another workout, not a real test. I was just curious.
So lets talk about numbers, I will not take speed in consideration just heart rate (body effort).
January I did 20 min TT on the bike my average HR was 164, on that time I was on a raw diet already and I was rested to the test, but I haven't done my cleanse yet. Maybe later I can find more info when I had a cooked diet to compare.
Yesterday I did 20 min TT in the same place I did in January. So the result was: I did an average speed almost 1 mph faster than in January but my average HR was 142! That is 22 points less and going faster, not rested and not going fully all out. It is amazing how easier is the body to function when is Clean!!!!
This is making me rethink a lot of stuff I learned about fitness, because this shows me that we can raise our fitness level with food and getting the body clean. It is the same of having a clean or a dirty machine :)

Feel Good and Go Raw!!!

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