Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My first sponsor ever in my life as an athlete was a Yoga place and I am really grateful for that because I learned a lot from them, yet a lot of stuff that I learned on that time I am only able to put together now that I feel that I am in complete (or close to) harmony.
Today during my run today I had a click in my brain! Lately I have been studying new things like the power of positive energy and body mind relationship. For example, on the movie Thrive they talk a lot about free energy and the energy around us. I also watched for again What the Bleep do We Know and that is opening my mind. One experience I had that helped me with this click was the water machine at HHI, this machine captures the atmosphere water, so basically we can have free water from the atmosphere, pretty amazing machine.
So, O2 is our primary source of energy, to realize that is simple we can spend days with out water, right? we can spend days with out food, right? But how long can you spend without O2? A few minutes at the most....
During exercise we usually are not aware that we are breathing we are to concentrated in the music, pace, what time I need the gel etc etc... and we usually forget to breath, or hold our breath too long without even noticing!
When we are a newborn we use a complete breathing cycle and with time our breathing becomes shorter using only the top part of our lungs. In yoga I learned that we can separate the breathing cycle in three: Top (10% of the capability), medium (30% of capability) and lower (60% of capability). Often during exercise we only use the top part because we are not aware.
Today when my run started to get harder, my first thought was breath! I started to do deeper breaths and the result was amazing! I started to run faster with a lower heart rate. Of course I did not have music on, this way is easier to be aware of what you are doing and it is easier to concentrate.
Usually the first thing I say when I coach (specially swim) is breath! Most people get anxious and shorter their breath, specially in the water! So next time you exercise focus on your breathing!!!
Feel Good and Go RAW!!!

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  1. This is 100% true. With a heart rate monitor on, you can lower your heart rate just by taking steady, full breaths. It is amazing to watch. When I run in hot weather, this comes in handy, too. I concentrate on deeper breathing when I notice my heart rate spike. I also concentrate on pulling O2 in and breathing CO2 out. It helps me feel like I am actually fueling my body with air. The other day I was running, and my heart rate was up about Zone 2.9. I wanted to stay in Zone 2. But to bring it down meant to slow to a pace that was "too slow," so I started to breathe. My heart rate went to 2.4, and I maintained a good pace.

    Your blog has been an inspiration to me, as I head into my first IM in KY next week. Thank you!