Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Fat is what it makes us fat! Everybody try to blame on the carbs, but I can honestly say that I am with 5% body fat eating a 80% carbs diet, 10% protein and 10% fat. Those % are from calories, that means a 2000 calorie day 1600 from carbs but carbs from FRUITS AND VEGGIES (not pizza and pasta). Have you ever notice how hard is to wash a plate after you eat a meal with a lot of fat? Is the same in the body! Also if you eat a meal with a lot of fat you feel really lazy because your body is working harder to clean, just like the way you do to clean up the dishes :)
Now if you look at 10% of the calories from fat is gonna be very little, for example 1/4 of almonds have about 140 calories from fat.... If you look at any label of processed food the calories from fat is usually 50% or more! Did you know that the 2% milk is actually 20% of total calories from fat? That is right 2% milk, if you look at  fat from calories it is going to be 20% of calories from fat!

Now, excluding the idea of been vegetarian/ vegan or not, if you look at meat even the best cuts have a lot of fat. So taking all this information.... how much fat do you think we are eating? I would think is around 50 to 70% of total calories from fat! That is why we have so many people overweight!

Your diet should be 80/10/10, but remember carbs from veggies and fruits, not bread, pizza, pasta etc neither processed foods. Next time you go shopping look at the label, but instead of total fat in grams look at calories from fat and calculate how much is that % from total calories... you will be impress on how much fat you are eating!

Today was a hard day at the office, swam in the morning, TRX in the afternoon and a 60 mile hard interval bike ride:
Food intake:
Green smoothie
5 dry figs
Salad with kale, spinach and carrots (dressing was very little Nutiva Hemp oil, Braggs amino, Lime juice, and mustard seeds)
2 bananas
During the ride I only had 1 banana and water
After the ride orange juice with a banana and Garden of life Raw protein
6 figs and almost 1 litter of coconut water

Feel Good and GO RAW!!!

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