Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today I started to look at some old papers at home and I found my old Ayurveda diet from my second year of triathlon (2006) and I was shocked! All the notes and foods that I have from Ayurveda match the irisdology that I did and I am following now! Also the guy who made the diet for me, did my own Mantra for meditation, and gave me a list of food combination that I was doing already but when I read I was shocked!!!
It is funny to look now, because I notice a few things:
1- Modern Medicine have pretty much no idea on what they are doing (LOL) they just give pills and do not fix the real problem!
2- How everything start to make perfect sense now (Yoga, Irisdology, Ayuerveda, etc)
3- How all those holistic methods have being knocking on my door for a long time! But I guess I am just now ready to accept and put all together! I love it!

On another note, I know I have not written here enough, training has been pretty good. Last weekend I did the Florida Challenge (half iron distance) and my aero bars broke on mile 23 I still try to keep going but I took a wrong turn and end up biking 70 miles....after that I decide not to run. What a crazy day! At least I had a great swim and a good hilly 70 mile ride :)

I decide to race Ironman Texas because of the heat (instead of Utah), so today is 1 month to the race. I am very confident and exited to my first Ironman of 2012!

Feel Good and go RAW!

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