Thursday, January 31, 2013

Body Lab

   I am always doing experiments with my body, I love it and I treat my body like my personal lab, and that is pretty much how I study and learn. I love testing my body, mind and soul.
   So, this time I did a new experiment witch I think some people will like and some will not. Last year, on the last 6 months pretty much, my diet was 90% fruits and salad at night. I had energy and felt great, but I wanted to see if fruits only (fruitarian) was good for me. With all my testing I can honestly say that a vegan and raw diet is the best way, but all fruit would be the best way? So I started studying, and since I live near Hippocrates Health Institute, and they are not a big fans of fruits (as far as I know), I decided to do 2 weeks with no fruit (lets say no sugar cause I still ate avocados)!
   I must say, I am pretty impress with the results. As an endurance athlete I always have in mind to use fat as fuel even in high intensity and you can train your body to do that, therefor this experiment works well for me. Also when I did my Irisdology consult with Jennifer ( ) she told me I was sensitive to sugar.Is not that I would eat more fat, or cut carbohydrates, is just that I would choose slow release carbohydrates instead of simple sugars from fruits.
   First few days were hard, but after that my energy levels went sky high and it was sustain energy. I slept better, lost a few pounds probably 1% less body fat. My workouts started to have amazing results. A lot of mucus came out, and I felt that my digestive system were working better as well. I was shock with how good I felt, and best of all, I was eating a lot less food. I think the biggest results were on the spiritual level, I felt more connected, hard to explain, but it felt that way!
   What I am trying to say is that you have always to test what it works for you. Also, a big variety in your diet is key for your health, as long as raw and vegan (try to eat something new every week). I will not cut fruits from my diet but I will eat less. Fruits have good source of nutrients that is why I will still eat fruits.
   Also by doing this experiment made me start doing my own sprouts and I must say it is a great. I love doing and it is a great spiritual experiment. Also helped me create a new gel made from sprouts. A slow release carbohydrate.
   My diet on those 2 weeks were simple:
   Morning: Wheatgrass shot sometimes some chia seeds mixed with water before working out.
   Lunch: Huge salad with lots of sprouts
   Dinner: Sprouts and or avocados ( yeah its a fruit but low in sugar)
   After workouts: Garden of life raw protein mixed with coconut milk, almond milk or hemp milk (all homemade of course). ( )
   After this experiment I found a video very interesting what he says about fasting, sugar, raw foods, etc.

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