Thursday, January 24, 2013

Food and Emotions

Its funny, after I changed my diet to raw I started to find myself calmer and more connected. Now that its been 2 years, the connection its even stronger. I noticed, specially on my regainer program (  that the people who changed their diet, their mood changed within a week.
The other day talking to my friends about all my experiences I realized something: Dead foods brings out dead emotions, such as anger and fear. On the other hand living foods give you good emotions such happiness and joy.
Everything has a frequency including food so feeding your body with dead foods will help you grow bad emotions and those "bad emotions" or bad vibes increases your chance of getting a disease. Therefor living foods brings living emotions or good vibes witch leads to health.
So think about it what kind of frequency you want in your body? Do you want a healthy body full of positive energy or not? Do you love yourself enough or not? Food is love, and the easiest way to start loving yourself more is to eat more living foods!

Sprouts are the best living foods that you can ever have, you can actually make your own sprouts, its easy, fun and there is no better pleasure than eating the food you grown.

Feel Good and Go Raw!

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