Monday, October 1, 2012

Physiological adptations on a Raw diet

I have been thinking a lot on how Physiological adaptations happens faster on a raw diet. I have no way to prove that  just my own experience as coach and athlete.
What I found is pretty amazing, for example I added a few strength exercises to my training routine and I felt a difference within 3 weeks. Also my adaptation on high altitude training, when I went to Boulder was really quick. When I decide to train in Boulder for 2 weeks everyone told me was not worth it because was to short of a period and the 1st week its so hard to adapt and I was going to be really tired and that did not happen at all!
What it gave me the click to write this post was when I read The Secret Race book where Tyler describe the sensations when he donated blood for his first blood transfusion (doping). He said after he donated the blood he went for a ride and felt really weak, and he said "my power was in in the blood", when I read that I thought that is why! On a raw diet you have a cleaner blood due to a good digestion and clean diet, so basically your body its not producing (or producing less) toxins from digestion. A good way to see how clean is your blood just see how hard is to wash your plate after you done eating :)
Hopefully I will be able to do a bigger study on that. I am doing a small one by myself, but it would be great to have one with a lab involved. More info on my study check: 
I also started doing some you tube videos about diet, training etc. Here is my last 2 videos:

Feel Good and Go RAW!

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