Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sports Drink

I am studying Holistic Sports Nutrition and I also study lots of thinks on my own and I test what I study as well. So what I learned about sports drinks freaked me out a little bit.
Basically a sports drink it is complex carbs(laboratory created), little bit of simple sugars and salt. Studies show that complex carbs (sugars) do not satisfy us, simple sugars do (simple sugar from fruits), and salt do not hydrate us, in fact salt dehydrate us. See, try drinking sea water to see if you survive? You will dehydrate. The only sodium that the body absorb is organic sodium from plants. With the been said, complex sugars (laboratory created) that does not satisfy you and salt that makes you thirsty you can drink commercial sports drink ALL day long that you will never be satisfied and always be thirsty.... as a Hydration system not good, but as money making machine is great isn't it?
You can test your self if you want, try to overeating in fruit, is nearly impossible because the simple sugar in fruit will fill you up.
What I do for sports drink? I either make apple and celery juice or I soak a few dry fruits in a jar over night, the sugar and electrolytes from the dry fruit will mix into the water due to the osmotic pressure. I did that with dates, figs, or goji berries so far and both worked great. You can also blend bananas with water or use coconut water (raw of course).
For example, on my 100 mile last sunday, we were riding at 24 to 26 mph all I had was water and my electrolyte drink and some bananas. I felt really good, it was 90 degrees out side and a few people cramp. I didn't. Even on my swim later on I had no cramp :). I did a bunch of Ironmans with those sports in all of them I cramp LOL the very first Ironman that I didn't use (used coconut water) I did not cramp!
If you want more info on that Dr Douglas Graham have a book called Nutrition and Athletic Performance and he explain that in deep!

Feel Good and GO RAW!

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