Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Race Nutrition

  Last Sunday, May 26th I raced a long distance triathlon. It was a little bit less than a half ironman, it was 1500m swim, 49 miles bike and 9.1 miles run. It was a little windy and temperature was kind of hot, about 87 degrees, but in the starting line it was kind of cool, about 70. I felt pretty strong during the race, and I won, so that is a great sign. This was my second triathlon of the year, the first one I got second and this one I got first, so looks like 2013 will be a good season! I decided to do just 1 ironman this year, looks like it will be Florida.

So here is my nutrition on race day.
Woke up at 345 (since is a 80 min drive) had a garden of life raw meal (http://www.gardenoflife.com/Products-for-Life/Foundational-Nutrition/RAW-Meal.aspx ) with maca powder (http://navitasnaturals.com/product/457/Maca-Powder.html ), and just smart water  until the race starts.
On the bike I had my electrolyte drink but instead of goji berries I used currants, had my aero drink ( http://www.profile-design.com/profile-design/products/hydration/all-hydration/aqualite.html) and one bottle. The goal was to have one done in the first loop, fill up the aero drink and grab some extra water.I like the aero drink cause I can keep biking hard and not have to move from aero position.
I also used my gel during the ride about 1 small serving every 30 min or so. Felt super strong in the bike, avg 24+ mph.
The run I used the same thing, the gel and the drink, plus the water in the course. Felt good and strong in the run. I did not know how far I was ahead but my mantra was, keep pushing. Had a solid run and solid race over all... specially cause I did not tapper for the race, I kept my workout normal until friday and saturday, so I was pretty happy with the result.

Here are the videos for my gel and drink (I tested this drink with goji and currants so far).

GEL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWJ2EcSfcjY

Thank you for all my sponsors, Garden Of Life, Nutiva, Feetures, Boston Bill, Fletsusa!!!


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