Thursday, April 18, 2013

Peace is possible

You know, I am not afraid to say, I do believe in world peace (you can call me a dreamer). For me, war is war, bomb is bomb, killing is killing, no matter what race, country or religion you are.... is all the same, because we are part of one human race!!! If we change our minds we can achieve world peace, because if you ask anybody in the world 99% of them don't want war...the 1% that want war is because they are profiting from it.

I am a pro athlete, my favorite quote is: "Be the change you wish to see in the world"(I have that in my racing uniform), so because of that I started a group meditation on April 22nd (Earth day), I am asking everyone to meditate from 1pm to 105 pm(Florida time) (5 min only) wherever you are. This will help raise the love vibration of the planet. This is the link to the event on facebook:

Because I am an athlete the Boston incident for me went a little too far,the fact is I run because makes me feel free, triathlon/running is a spiritual experience for me so bombing and amazing event like Boston marathon it's a little too far (it does not matter who did, false flag or not, and the reason for that).
I created an event tonight at 630 pm, from Fit2Run Wellington. I am asking everyone to use a white shirt. We will run 4 miles, and before we start we will have a 26.2 seconds of silence. Even if you don't run bring your bike, skate, roller blade etc and join us. Here is the link for the event:

Like I always say, we are one, and we can change, its just a matter of get together with a peace and love vibration, its scientific proved that one's vibration can change the vibration of 750 people, so yes you alone can change the world.... Change come from within! Be the change!!!! We can only change if we change our minds. In order to end war (on both sides) we have to bring the light!!! Fixing war with more war it's not the solution, the solution is LOVE!!!!

Feel Good and spread the LOVE!

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