Monday, February 25, 2013


Triathlon is my passion, and this is how I lost my weight, found myself, and is a spiritual experience for me. Today during my workout I thought about something. I was thinking about doping, and I realize something: in order to change we have to change our mindset. Because like Albert Einstein said once "You can not solve a problem with the same mindset that created" don't know if is the same words he used, but the idea is the same. My point is if an athlete dope because we have in his mind win at all cost, or to prove something to someone etc etc, if he/she get caught, it will be out for awhile and he will be back, and/or another athlete will dope, or another substance will be created that does not get caught on tests. So that does not change anything, does it?
What would really change is if we change our mindset. In the order to change the sport (in this case) we need to have a different mindset, because if we keep the same old mindset of winning at all cost, it will never change...
Here is a video that I love and explain a little bit of what I am trying to explain. In order to change anything, sports, politics, etc, we need to change our mind!
Think about it! This can be use in many areas!!!
Feel Good, Go raw, Love,

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