Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Benefits of a plant based diet

·         More energy (I notice that on my training! Is crazy the amount of energy that I have)
·         Recovery faster ( I can recover from one hard workouts faster and that allows me to schedule hard workouts closer together, and improve faster)
·         Be healthier ( Don’t need to say much here, my body is working the way it should be)
·         Lose weight (lost  a lot of body fat)
·         Stay hydrated (I don’t feel my mouth dry any more after a meal)
·         Lower core temperature (This is big, my core temperature drop, therefore I can train a higher intensity and my HR don’t go as high, also on hot days when everyone is complaining about the heat, I am feeling really good about it)
·         And much more….Ask me if you need any info, I am plant based nutrition certified!

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