Monday, April 4, 2011


In the past 2 years I did some major changes on my diet. First one was cutting off coffee, and with that I gained a lot of energy reducing the amount of stress that caffeine was causing my body, and my performance got better. Second change was going vegan, also performance went up and one of the reasons, again, because your body really doesn’t need the stress to digest animal products. Third and biggest change was going 100% raw (reasons below), and the performance got a lot better!
One good example of those changes can be exemplify by the following: Last year I was training for Ironman Florida and I was doing my long bike ride at average heart rate around 120 to 125bpm and average speed 20 mph and I raced at 22mph average speed.  This year I already did some long bike rides such a 120 miles, and my heart rate was 124bpm average and 21.5mph average speed. I can honestly say that there is no other reason than the different nutrition that I am doing now that made my performance improve, because of some facts like the ones listed below:
-        -  Energy: eating raw makes digestion faster, so the amount of energy spent on digestion I spend on training;
-        -  Recovery:  because I am eating raw my recovery is a lot faster since I don’t have the nutritional stress, raw foods make the body more alkaline, and when you train you make your body acid, so by making your body alkaline via nutrition you will recover faster;
-         - Health: what I figured out is that I am a lot healthier eating Raw so the adaptations from training occurs much faster.

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