Thursday, February 23, 2012


You know there are plenty benefits form a Raw vegan diet but one benefit impress me more than anything: The Mental benefit! Is even hard to explain, but since I started on the raw diet, and specially after the detox my mind is working faster than ever!!!
The reason I say that, is for example long workouts I don't get the mental fatigue anymore therefore I am able to concentrate longer, having a better quality workout! Another example is I always wanted to do a newsletter for my company and I never had ideas, and today I did my second newsletter in less than a week! (if anyone wants to join the list contact me at )
The body, mind and spirit feels like is in completely in harmony, the good energy just flow with zero effort, specially after my friend did Reiki, it is incredible. My body and mind just naturally seek positive energy! The cool part is, my entire life I was looking for that, and I study a lot of stuff like: The secret, Buddhism, Tao, Body Talk, Auyrveda, Yoga etc all of them mention positive energy, abundance and all that, BUT with raw foods, for me looks like that your body gets in Harmony, that state of positive energy happens naturally, and abundance becomes easier!! Is hard to explain! My view on that is, if the mind don't get tired, your body won't get tired either :)
Second great benefit is the sleep! Oh my god, my sleep quality is amazing! I can sleep 5 to 6 hours and wake up fresh, even with very hard training days. Maybe one day I can explain all that in a deep way in a book!!!

Day and Raw food intake!
Today was a busy day, I coached swim in the AM, came back home worked in the newsletter and some other stuff like my interview ( ), then I went to a bike ride on my favorite time of the day, 1 PM I love when is hot, that is just one more excuse to drink more Zico (coconut water), after that did some TRX training, and in the end of the day our family time: Dog park, we love taking Bolt to the dog park!

Daily food intake:
1 banana before coaching
Breakfast Raw pancakes
Lunch green smoothies
50 miles bike ride (intervals), with raw gel, Zico coconut water, and fresh apple and celery juice.
Dinner: salad with sprout quinoa, sprout mug beans, spinach, kale and avocados

Feel good and go RAW!

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