Sunday, February 12, 2012


The other day I was thinking and I end up some how comparing barefoot running with Raw foods, how? It's simple: If you ever read "Born to run" you remember how he explain that technology in running shoes increased a lot but the injuries remain the same, correct? Is same thing with food! For example, we have all this vitamins, drugs, cooked foods, microwaves foods, super meal replacements etc etc, and we are getting sick, overweight, and dying younger and younger!!! Think about it!

If you really stop to think, is the same thing as running! We improved so much in shoes thinking we will prevent injuries and didn't help! With food is the same! Also keep in mind, the body HAVE the power to heal itself, but it need the right tools, that means, it needs RAW FOODS!!!

Today was cold so I ate more :)
Daily food intake:
Breakfast :2 bananas, 1 apple
Wheat grass shot
Lunch: Salad with greens and raw guacamole
Snack: raw crackers (flax seeds)
Dinner: salad with mixed greens peppers and raw guacamole!

Feel good,
ps: I will wright more about barefoot X Raw foods soon!!!

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