Monday, February 13, 2012


Today was a busy day! I worked in the am, than since I have family in Florida from Brazil, we went Disney with the family.... So, I though: Staying Raw at Disney? How hard can it be? Thinking it will be hard I took a few snacks, but in my mind I wanted to use what they have there..... One of my snacks was the meal replacement RAW from Garden of Life (Is delicious, nutritious and RAW if you have never tried before)!!!
For my surprise, it is very possible to stay raw at Disney and eat correctly! For example, I found out that they sell apples, and some other fruits that I don't remember in a little bag! Also, there is options of salads at most places to eat! So I ate a Greek salad with no cheese and no dressing. Is that simple! My big question is why people don't do the best choice? Because while I was ordering I saw 99% of the people ordering fried chicken sandwich, cheese burgers, bacon cheese burgers with french fries! Sad but true, but is not that they don't have another option!
After walking all day at Disney with a clinic in the am, I got to the hotel and went for my run! Another surprise, legs were fresh! Did one of my best tempo intervals, pace felt really easy! Of course I had Five fingers on it, and that help :)))
Dinner, I thought, another challenge? We went to a Mexican restaurant, and yes there is options! I had fajita salad, with out the cooked bell peppers, instead order raw! This restaurant they make the guacamole in front of you, so I add that on the salad. So I had a mix green salad, with peppers, mushrooms and guacamole (fresh)! So honestly, is not hard to be Raw vegan, pretty much everywhere you will have a choice, or even if you are not raw, you can make some great options! Now, one thing I notice, got to be careful with cheese, because they wanted to put cheese on the guacamole...crazy! What is up with that? People put cheese everywhere? salads, guacamole etc etc...I don't get it, but I always order no cheese :)
One funny thing I notice and when I tell friends they don't believe, but when you eat clean (RAW) your taste change. For example, back in the days when I was out of shape, I did not like grapefruit at all!!! And since I changed my diet, I started to love!!! Same thing happen with figs, witch by the way I found out that figs for me give me a lot of energy and endurance.... a lot more than dates!!! Fig was also a fruit that I was not a big fan of it, and now I love it!!! Pretty amazing! The human body is a perfect machine, and we need to learn how to use correctly, because we are far to use our full potential!
Feel Good and go RAW!

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