Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day #9

Today was a nice day! I had a headache all morning, but with a lots of energy! Did my enema in the am, and still had a headache and I was feeling that something needed to come out. When I was about to do my second enema, I felt stuff moving around, went to the bathroom and lots of plaques came out, and headache was gone! What a reief!
I am learning a lot about my self with this cleanse, and also is made me rethink a lot of stuff! For example, now I am more than 100% sure that we are what we eat! Honestly, when I look at a super market, taking off the veggie and fruit section, I don't see food anymore! The way we eat is very wrong! I don't want to convince anyone, BUT I think everybody should try at least once to do a cleanse, and go raw is life changing! Can you imagine not having cravings?
Something that I notice, my mind seek clean and good energy everywhere, for example I started a clean up at the house, donating stuff and throwing out old stuff, and that feeling started out of nowhere... Pretty amazing! My body is changing but my mind is changing as well! My realiotnship with my wife has got stronger, sometimes feels like the way people view me changed as well, could be just a feeling, but sure is a great feeling!
The most amazing thing is how food is emotional! I haven't eateen anything other than juice for 2 days and I have lots of energy, and lots of stuff are coming out, is incredible and I guess the expression "full of crap" is true LOL! Because of the bad stuff that we ate (I can't call food anymore) make us "full of crap" inside. And all this stuff make us sick physically and emotionally! I guess food is the biggest part of our problems....

Juices of the day:
collard coverage, celery, apples, carrot and Ginger!
Spinach, kale, green peppers, and cucumbers.

Feel good,

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