Monday, February 27, 2012

How to start

Lots of people ask me how to start on a vegan diet, and usually give 2 options. I always compare food with running barefoot and how to start on a vegan diet I do the same thing.
The hard part: Do a 3 day juice cleanse, that will help you reset your body and after that you start on a vegan diet! Is hard to do like that so I really don't recommend if your diet is really poor, because it will be really hard. If you are already vegetarian or eat fairly good, this might be the best way to start. Just for reference, when people ask me about barefoot, I tell them if they want to go straight to barefoot, you need to learn how to run again, that means that you will start running 1/4 mile a day.
The other way is to start is little by little. For example, calculate the % of your diet is based on animal products. Once you figure it out, start taking 10% less a week, and start adding fruits and vegetables to replace those 10%. Every week lower a little. Change milk to almond/hemp/rice milk. It is really important to pace your self, specially because you will have a few detox symptoms during this phase. The good thing is, the worst you feel during the change the better you will feel later on! Detox (strong symptoms) can take up to 6 weeks, so pace yourself, but minor symptoms might take even longer.  Just for reference, this is I usually suggest to start running barefoot, adding little by little into your daily mileage.
The best thing to do is to  do is to add lots of greens on your diet, and make little challenges with yourself like: 1 day just juice, or one day no animal product, one day just fruit, one day all raw etc etc Add lots of smoothies (specially green), they taste good and satisfy a lot. .Also try to get a friend or family member to do with you, having company will help you. When you see, your taste will change, and your body will start craving more of the good stuff. The big secret is never get hungry!
 A great thing to do is to start exploring new restaurants and tasting new dishes, look up restaurants in your area, avoid big chains and start exploring a new taste! When I first started I was impress on how a raw vegan diet is so tasty! There are wonderful restaurants and wonderful products vegan and raw out there you just need to try! You can always ask me here, because I try lots and lots of different products out there!
After you go vegan you can start going Raw!

Daily raw food intake:
Morning: 1 banana, 3 tangerines and 8 oz of perfect raw food (Garden of life)
Lunch: 4th generation market, I had the raw mock tuna wrap and 1 sweet potato enchilada, and raw "mozzarella" stick
Dinner: green smoothie with raw protein (garden of life) and hemp seeds (Nutiva)

Feel good and Go RAW!!!

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