Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day #10

So is almost over this cleanse today is day 10 already, and the experience has been amazing! Cravings are gone! Like for example I went out to dinner with a friend, he ate and I had juice and I didn't feel like eating at all! Crazy! I also remember, probably around 4 years ago, I was vegetarian only, but I was able to eat a large and medium dominos pizza with coke IN THE SAME MEAL and still be hungry, and now I feel satisfied with a salad! Is pretty amazing how the body and mind change when you change you diet!

Today looking at the mirror and I got scared, my body changed like crazy from this cleanse, is unbelievable, I have a body now that I never thought I could because of my dark pass ( when I was overweight ) I am really looking forward for my final mesuarements!

Today I only had some headache, nothing more than that... Felt pretty good during that day, and at night my mind is working like crazy and getting lots of stuff done. Got stuff done that I usually avoid :)))

The main diference today from all the other days was that lots of plaques came out, I mean a lot and a few big ones too! Pretty cool! Body is responding really well, and I started too
feel extra good! Today a shaved my head again too, and my skin feel amazing!

Is funny to see how I used to eat, even when I was an athlete before and I considered my self in shape and healthy and now I think I am taking my body to a whole new level! Feels almost like a spiritual experience, and that my mind only have space for positive thought and attitudes!Funny thing that happened today talking to my wife she asked me: if you decide to cheat today what would you eat? And believed or not all I could imagine was a nice fresh juicy apple! Most amazing feeling for me

Juices of the day:
Beats, apples, cucumber, and kale.
Wheat grass, pineapple, kale and spinach
Grapefruit juice ( I didn't use to like grapefruit and my taste is changing )

Feel good,

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