Monday, February 6, 2012

Final Day!!!!

Tomorrow I can eat raw foods again and not only juices!!! I am looking forward to it!!! This experience has been amazing!!! Today, was a busy day, with clinics and lots of stuff to do, plus finishing the deal with my new bike, I am really excited, and the day went by really fast!!!
So I did the regular enema in the am, and more surprise lots of plaques came out, and after my second enema, the biggest one came out (10 to 12 inches long)! I think if I put all the plaques that came out all together I will get at least 3/4 of my height if not more! Yes, it is insane, specially because the last 2 years my diet was really clean, and when I changed I did detox a lot ....and I still detox a lot in this 2 weeks! I must say is I am feeling better than ever!!! And my body is craving for some real juice fruit and veggies, honestly I can not think about eating anything else.The good part too is that I have no cravings for FAT!!!!
Today was day #8 with out a meal and I had a lot of energy and I was non stop, physically and mentally, I did not stop today!!! Amazing!!! I can only imagine how I will feel when I start eating again!
I realize something in the last 2 dasy, if you want to have a clean diet is possible. The reason I said that is because I did 4 Vibram Five Fingers clinics in  3 huge malls in Miami and for my surprise in all of them them had a juice place.So there is no excuse to not eat a clean diet!
I am really looking forward to explore this new "body" and I am ready to raise the bar physically and mentally after this cleanse!
Tomorrow I will post the numbers for the cleanse, such as weight lost, body fat , pictures before and after, one thing I can say in advance my heart rate is lower.... I notice today, around 11 pm (I woke up and 5) and I already drove to Miami, and did  the clinic and was walking around the mall for 1 hour looking for present to my niece, and my heart rate was at 42! Believe or not :)))
Tomorrow I will post all numbers and pictures!!!
Feel Good,

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