Friday, February 17, 2012

Point of view

I am really grateful to be able to understand English, Portuguese and a good chunk of Spanish, therefor I have access to a good amount of information. Today I decide to show my point of view here!
Every coin have a side, right? So this point of view is how I feel and from lots of books and talks! The other day I compare barefoot running with raw food and I will do this  in this post because I think is a great!
Ok, so if I tell anyone that I run barefoot style lots of people think I am crazy! My big question is why? I must say, I always liked closer to the ground shoes, I never had a running injury, never used supportive shoes, every time I used an arch support it will hurt me, and so on...Now I only run with 3 shoes: Five Fingers, Inov-8, or New balance Minimus trail, since I started running barefoot I got more efficient, I got stronger, I run faster and I feel better. So my point is, if you look both sides how much information about barefoot running against regular running supportive shoes and arch support? If you go to any running store they will say that you need support, cushion and will try to put an arch support too but no one say you should try minimal shoe! And yet we keep getting injury, crazy, right?
Same reaction I get when I say I am vegan and RAW! They ask a lot of questions like how you get your protein, how you have energy, why are you raw, what you mean no supplements etc etc. My point is, if you look at it there is a drug for everything in this world, we are getting sick everyday, a big part of the population is obese,  actually, I don't know if you know but the Medium size now is not the same size Medium than 10 years ago companies made a bigger Medium so we can "feel" better!!! WTH???? So how come with all those drugs we are getting sick, we are obese?? Since I changed to a vegan diet I perform better, I have more energy, I feel better and I do NOT remember the last time I was sick or the last time I miss a day of work, neither the last time I took a medicine, it is at least 2 and 1/2 years!!! 
My big view here is very simple, what make more money, high cushion shoes full of support or barefoot running? What makes more profit selling you a drug for everything or raw foods? Therefor, who can spend more money in studies? That is my point, is a lot more information on the dark side (shoes and drugs) and it is so easy to learn about the "bad things" than actually knowing the right information!
Now, I say that just because one simple thing: THE WAY I FEEL!!! I did a few years of therapy and I try to do as much as I can, and I try to know myself  as much as I can, and one thing I learned is feelings are always right. I don't care if is good or bad, you know how you feel, nobody teach you that! No one can say is BS or right/wrong if you feel good you feel good, or if you feel bad you feel bad, if you are angry you are angry, no one in this world can say that your feeling is right or wrong, it is just the way you feel, simple as that!
So my conclusion is: Running barefoot it  feels extremely good, also I did several testes and it does make me run faster with less effort! Same thing with my diet! Since I turned vegan performance got better, energy level are higher, recovery is faster etc etc, when I turned raw (specially after the cleanse) everything got even better, energy, recovery my mind is focus, I can think clear, I am more motivated etc etc.
I am not trying to prove anything here, all I want to do is to show my point of view and maybe people can start looking at both sides of the coin and see how they feel about it and maybe try barefoot running and raw foods! Or simply just add more raw in the diet and some barefoot running in your training! Think about that!

The day was busy today! I woke up early for a bike ride then I went with my wife to the A1A marathon expo, I help out with her business  (check it out, best compression apparel), and the day finish with a 6 mile easy run, and here is the food intake:
Green smoothie with kale, spinach, Hemp seeds (Nutiva), water and dates
1 apple
6 figs
Salad at whole foods (lots of greens, sprouted mug beans and with a little avocado)
5 fis
1 apple
Another salad but add kale and did not put avocado
Plus one Raw meal (Garden of Life)

Feel good and Go RAW!


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