Friday, February 10, 2012


Today was a great day! I had the chance to hand out with friends in Sarasota, and had a great dinner with them! We went to this Mexican place and they have the Mi Pueblo organico witch is all raw Mexican dishes! Pretty cool and excellent food!
After my cleanse I can't get over how much energy I have extra feels like I have a 30 hour day just for me! After I post about calories yesterday that made me think in a simple way to explain what I talked about, food is pretty much like what I say about training: quality over quantity!!!! Is better to do one quality workout than actually do 2 crappy workouts. So that means is better to have a few quality calories than actually have a bunch of crappy calories!
When I say crappy calories I say over cooked meals, animal products, and fat! Why cooked foods? Is simple, when you cook over 118 degrees you kill a big part of the food enzymes and if it goes over 300 degrees it kills everything, so if you think about it, microwave food is not food, is mutant food, or just rubber! Why no animal products? Animal products make your body acid, and when your body gets acid that is when you start getting sick! Some people might say we were design to eat meat! Well who cares if we were or not? Plant proteins are better absorbed by the body, more efficient, and make your body alkaline (this is just a few benefits), so really who cares? Now fat! Fat is what it makes us fat! Makes the blood sticky and when you eat a lot of fatting food we get tired after a meal like that! Also too much fat in the long term will cause a lot of problems! Fat, in my point of view is the hardest craving and the most emotional nutrient, because every time we are stress we reach for fatting comfort foods! But like everything else you can reverse that!
What I suggest is, start adding on your diet raw foods, you don't need to be 100% like me right away of course the idea is to be closer to 100%, but start little by little until and go based on %. For example if your diet is 10% raw increase to 20% until you reach a bigger amounts! You would be amazed what that can do, and after awhile your body will start feeling the difference and he will be asking for more! So really, just make a little change and work on small goals, all you need in the first step!

Food intake:
Breakfast: 2 bananas
Speed work on the run
After run: chlornella+ an apple
Snack: banana
Lunch: small salad with bell peppers and a few sprouts and fresh squeezed lemon as dressing
Swim 3000
Dinner I had 2 salads at mi pueblo one with kale, hemp seeds, and tomatoes! The other with spinach, sprouts and avocado! Was delicious!

Hemp seeds is really good for you and is good to add in the salads! My favorite brand is Nutiva ( check them out!

Go raw and Feel good!

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