Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Great day!!!

Great day today! I have so much energy, is hard to explain! So I woke up, ship my old bike (new one arrives tomorrow, going back to Quintana Roo, I am very happy) and I went to a 5 mile easy run with my Vibram Five Fingers seeya. I went easy because yesterday was I went hard for the first time since the cleanse. The run was easy.
After I went to have lunch at Hippocrates Health Institute here in West Palm beach, great place. They have a raw buffet. Funny thing is every time I go, I used to eat a lot, and this time was different.... I was satisfied right away. Also, they had a dish with nuts (of course have a little of fat) witch I usually eat like crazy and this time, I didn't want to eat!!!! I just didn't feel like it at all!!! I was craving for sprouts, not fat!!!Awesome!
After lunch, I went to the pool for a 3000 meters swim. Felt great! Lots of energy. I also tested my new Garmin 910xt, is pretty cool how it works in the pool! Finishing the swim, went home got ready to go coach my team at track ( It was busy there, most of my athletes went. Now the great part of track is: one of my athletes went 2 days RAW, only for 2 days, and she have a lot  more energy and guess what? She had her best track workout in probably 2 years! Raw food is power!!!
One thing I notice after the cleanse is that I am looking for positive energy every where I go, for example, I naturally  started getting away from bad vibes and drama. Is not conscious, is something happening naturally. Is pretty cool actually  and I love this feeling!!!
During the day, I was talking to my wife, and I remembered something that blew our mind. When I started to train and I decide to make my career as a triathlete my goal weight was always 172 pounds (78 kilos), and in Brazil I went to a pretty good amount of nutritionist and all of them said is was impossible, and that my body would not allow to go that low. The lowest I got in Brazil was 181 pounds (82kg), and because they were always saying that I need calories, all this crazy supplements etc etc,I was never able to hit my goal also after a race in recovery time I would gain the weight back again. Today when I realize that I was 172 pounds (78 kilos) when I turned raw before the cleanse, and after the cleanse I am 159 pounds (71.9 kilos) as of today, feeling stronger and with more energy than ever, taking NO supplements, recovering faster and performing better, that just BLEW my mind. And just having a few calories :)))) And as I am writing this post my feeling is to go for a long run! That is how much energy I have!
Ok here is my food intake for today:
Breakfast: 2 bananas and 2 dates
After run: Juice with apple, celery and parsley (This foods are rich in organic sodium so the body can absorb better, and this is what my body needs according with my irisdology evaluation) I also added turmeric powder good for inflamation
Lunch: big salad with lots of sprouts, dulse, pieces of turmeric root, but the plate was pretty much sprouts. No fat on it, and a little bit of the Hippocrates raw hot sauce.
Snack: 1 apple and 1 raw GT's Kombucha
Dinner: spinach and bell peppers small salad with some dulse.
And that was it!!! I had only this during the day and a crazy amount of energy!!!! Also, after a hard swim today was the first day I was not hungry, I had no gas during the day and stool did not smell. I can't believe that!!!
Feel good, go RAW!!!

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