Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day #13

Okay, day 13 and tomorrow is the last day!!!! Today the day was pretty busy, did 2 Vibram Five Fingers clinics, felt good and with lots of energy, and this is day #7 with only juice. That still blow my mind!
I thought I was almost done, but I think today was the day that most plaques came out! Seriously, if you put all of them together the height will be from the floor to knee (probably even more) and I am 6 foot tall! 
Other than lots of plaques coming out, I had no headaches and I was not hungry but I must say I wanted to eat a  juicy fruit! Also I believe that some plaques will still come out tomorrow, I can feel it!
My juices for today:
Beats carrots apple celery and ginger.
pear apple carrot celery and collard greens.

I am really curious about how is gonna be after the cleanse! How my body will react with food and if I already have more energy with out food can you imagine eating? I think it will be 100% more energy!
I notice that my body fat % drop and my weight to, but the funny part is that the weight I lost is all in my core pretty much, so with a shirt I look normal, but when I take out the shirt i look super skinny, I love it! Also that means I have not lost any muscle mass, even better!
The picture here was when I was a meat eater, drinking, smoking, partying etc etc.  Later I will post all of them together to compare!!!
Feel Good,

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