Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day #12

Day 12, I feel great, I had to headaches, but I thought I was almost clean, but lots of plaques came out today!!! I had 2 juices, and the funny thing is my second juice I felt so satisfied, it was amazing, felt like I just ate in a all you can eat buffet!
 The power of the cleanse is amazing, and now I know we can prevent lots of diseases if we eat right! I know today is World Cancer Day, that made me think:  we are looking for the thing, for example, instead of looking for the cure, we should be looking for the cause, and teaching people how to eat right and prevent all those diseases.
I know some people might get mad with this, but honestly, trying to find the cure is far more profitable than actually educating people on how to prevent. I can say that most of the food companies other look more for profit than doing a good product, so they prefer putting a cheap chemical to make 5% more profit, it is insane!
All this cleanse and raw food, make me have mix emotion because I am seeing that the body can heal himself as long as we eat right, and we don't need to take and spend money in all this drugs that actually give more side effects than help with the real problem. I know is a relief right away, but sometime in life you will end up the paying the price. What confuse me more is that I want to scream out to the world the truth, but at the same time I will look like a crazy of now I tell people that ask me, and I help them, but honestly I wish I could do more. Maybe with my back ground and being an athlete that will inspire people.
I usually say that we live in a matrix (I think you guys saw the movie), and now I am pretty sure, because this cleanse is opening my eyes about medicine (drugs), the same way as barefoot running did with shoes for me, but shoes for me is easier and sounds less crazy LOL...
Any ways, I am looking forward for this season, and so far is starting great!!!
All my juices (2) were at whole foods, the wheat grass shopper!
I am putting the picture below, this was taking probably 9 years ago, I was not training, but I was already losing weight. I put this picture, so you guys can see my full transformation, before training, during training, before and after cleanse. You probably will freak out!
Feel good,

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  1. OK, who kidnapped Richard and replaced his picture with someone twice his size?