Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Always learning

The past few days I have been pretty busy, witch is good! I am learning each day more about my body! After this cleanse, it is pretty amazing how the body works, specially being clean and with the right fuel it works even better! This is a few things I learned so far after the cleanse!
1) taste changed- for example, I didn't use to like grapefruit, and now I love! Also, figs I did not use to like, now I found out that give me an enormous amount of energy! And I love the taste!
2)If I eat too much (eat more than I actually need) my body throw it out! For example eating more than I need will only make me go to the bathroom more. Before when I used to eat bad if I eat more I felt that the food just stayed there longer and sometimes for a long time! That's why I had so many plaques!
3)since the cleanse I few that my body ask more for mono meals, for example, just fruits or just certain vegetable etc etc, I don't feel I have to mix a lot of stuff, if i do mix i feel that is harder to digest.So that been said is hard to think about breakfast, lunch and dinner ( by the way who said that we have to have those 3 meals?) I started doing a few small meals during the day, and eating what I few like, is a lot easier, but physiologic is harder because I have stuck in my mind that I have to have breakfast, lunch and dinner! Does that make sense?
I think is a lot more to learn about my body and mind, but one thing for sure: energy level is sky high, and sleep quality is 100% better! To have an idea, today I drove from Orlando back to west palm, pick up the new bike, biked 20 miles(love the new quintana roo by the way), personal train, coach my team track session, came back home prepare my wife raw birthday cake than finish at 10pm, had too much energy so went out to do my speed work :) and now I am writing this post full of entry thinking I should have ran more lol! Is a great feeling!
Food intake:
Raw meal garden of life with banana and papaya
Go raw bars ( banana bread flavor, delicious)
4 figs
Small portion of home made guacamole
Raw chocolate cake ( midnight wife birthday)

For people who likes ice cream there is a raw ice cream call cashewtopia, extremely good!( had one yesterday)!
Feel good,

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